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Should I get scared?
5 Replies
kAtRiNa - September 1

Hi, I have the same situation as saturn here. Just had a miscarriage but this is my second time. The reason is that my uterus is too weak to handle the growing baby. I was advised for a bed rest. This means I can't work anymore? Should I get scared of not being able to get a successful pregnancy?


Halina_88 - September 4

Being scared is normal but as long as you still have the will to have a successful pregnancy then it is a good thing. In your case, it is a common problem and there are a lot of mothers you had success stories so there is no need to be scared of.


Marnie - September 4

kAtRiNa- Don't be scared. Your situation is not that complicated. If the OB says you need a bed rest then do it. It is the least you can sacrifice for your baby.

Halina_88- I agree with you about having the will of a successful pregnancy. Sometimes the psychological factor affects our capability of having a full-term pregnancy.


MarieLD - September 14

I don't like the thought of being advised for a bed rest during pregnancy.It will scare me because I can't imagine being locked up for 9 months,I mean not to it literally but it's like hell right?

I've been married for 2 years now and we are planning to have a baby.I read forums like this just to keep me informed of what to expect.I little bit scared though of not having a baby or in this case not capable of having a full-term pregnancy.Stories here are sad but I admire your fighting spirit.Will be looking forward for more.


kAtRiNa - September 17

Thanks for all your comforting words. I think I have to follow the doctor's advice. Marnie is right, I have to sacrifice for the baby. On the other hand I was thinking also of boredom being at home and nothing to do. I am thinking of resigning from work this year and try to get pregnant again.


QString99 - October 1

Hi Katrina, I think it is a good idea to stop working first and follow your doctor's advice. I am scared of getting pregnant too, just had an ectopic pregnancy and underwent a d&c last week. I am still in the recovery stage.



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