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still going through hell
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tanyakd5 - March 4

hi, i lost my baby on 14th feb and because i didnt have a full miss, i had to have what my doctor called medical management of misscarrige which failed to work, ive had 6 internal scans that find tissue in my uterus every time, and my hormone levels arent going down properly so im back and forth the hospital every other day for blood tests. my doctor says i cannot have a d + c due to the fact that i am not bleedin. and to top everything off she decided to tell me yesterday that there is a possibility i had a tubal pregnancy aswell.. i really dont know what to do anymore :(


pmaf - June 21

I am so sorry, hang in there... I lost my baby recently, it's hard to say when exactly, and I'm still going through it and cannot see the end of it... I was meant to be 11 weeks pregnant, started bleeding whilst on holiday on my birthday, but tried to convince myself everything would be ok, but it wasn't. Found out, that our baby hadn't grown past 6 weeks, so for 5 weeks I believed it was ok and it wasn't, they called it a "missed miscarriage". Because I'd started bleeding the doctors recommended I try the natural route and because it was so small, so after another week of bleeding I went back into hospital, believing it would be over, since the bleeding had lessened. But no, the pregnancy was still there, and they showed me on the screen, I was sooooo upset, it was like reliving the whole experience for a 2nd time, but this time I was on my own, I told my husband he didn't need to come, because I didn't think it would be any worse than the first time. They gave me pills to help my body "abort" and I started to bleed very heavily, and went home to bed, but then I got called back into hospital because my blood group turned out to be A-negative, meaning I needed an extra injection., that was two weeks ago. It's now been over four weeks of bleeding and I have no idea what's going on with my body... I just wish it could be over so I can get back on track... We'd been trying for a year and had been so excited. To top it all I keep finding out about other people's pregnancies and I just feel so unbelievably upset and bitter....



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