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suffered a miscarriage 10 months now and still can't cope
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ggqueen - May 24

I f you are rading this i thank you so much for taking the time of to read what i have to say and to even give mre some sought of encouragement.

I am 19 and i got pregnant last june while i was 18, I went thru a period of stress before i found out i was pregnant, for instance me and my boyfriend broke up an i reloceated to another country because my father sent away(he didn't know i was pregnant). M y period came 3 days late but was normal so that just cleared my confusion of the possibilty of being pregnant, then a week after my period finished i bled again this time for 3 days. With the knowledge that people genewrally bleed for 3 days while being pregnant i took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I immediatley my then ex boyfriend who just didn't care. Then by the time i haad received a doctors appointment i had already begun bleeding for over a week. Then i began to blame myself for not being more alert that i was pregnant and i should have gone immediatley to the ER upon knowing that i was pregnant. Anyways i kept if from my family then my mom caught onto it and she's the type who throws stuuf back in your face so it's like i've never talked to anyone about it and it's becoming unbearable and overwhelming especially when my supposed due date came about and the dad is just living his life while am crying all the time i see a friend with a baby or something, am even crying as am writing this, and it's like am scared that this would always affect me if i don't talk about it


melissae1 - July 17

Hi, firstly I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. It is a huge thing to go through, especially without support from friends or family.

You must talk to someone about this as you need to get it all out. It's not something you get over quickly, so don't beat yourself up for not being over it yet. Also, it is in no way your fault that you had a miscarriage - so don't balme yourself.

My advice to you is if you can't speak to your mother in fear of rejection, then go and see your doctor and ask to see a counsellor.

It really does help to talk about.
Good luck.



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