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suffered a miscarriage and the pain just wont go away
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coley92 - May 31

Hi, I had a miscariage at 13 weeks, it was awful my partner has done his best to be supportive, its 2 months on now from when we found out and the pain seems to be escalating i feeel like i have a hole in my chest all the time i dont sleep i just cry. I hate other pregnant women with a passion and I feel so jealous when i see new mums and happy families, its so unfair why did it happen to us? I feel like I must have done something really bad or I was going to be a terrible mother or something. Why else would something like this happen to me becasue I have been told theres no reason for it other than its an act of God. My Partner and I are now struggling to cope I keep pushing him away and shutting him out and I knwo im doing it yet theres nothing i can do about it. I fear we are on the verge of a breakup which would just be unbearable on top of everything else, I just cant cope with this pain I need some kind of help.


pip88 - June 10

Hi Coley92,

I completely understand where you are coming from. I lost my baby six weeks ago at 9weeks pregnant. I feel as if people think I'm making a huge fuss over nothing as my pregnancy wasn't a long one, but nobody can understand the pain you go though unless you've been through it yourself. I'm so sorry to hear that your pain is getting worse, mine just feels like a steady wave of dull pain that never goes away.

What I have found is that going back to work wa svery difficult. My job is very emotionally stressful at the best of times and I simply couldn't cope. I've now been signed off for a few weeks while I get some counselling.

I bet you've heard this a million times, but there's nothing you could have done. 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage, how crap is that? It doesn't make it any easier, I know!! Try not to push your partner away, remember he is going through this aswell. If you can talk to him, go through your pain together, hopefully you'll be stronger the other side of this traumatic experience.

I wish you all best and hope so much that you and I find some peace in the future xx



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