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Taking pills for 3 years
11 Replies
PerryTim - September 29

I've been taking pills for 3 years before we decided to have a baby. It took us almost a year to have a positive result but I had an early miscarriage due to some hormonal issues. Is there something to do with my taking of the pills before?


Momskie - September 29

I think there is some effect of the prolonged use of the pills but not quite sure because you mentioned that you got pregnant after a year. Does this mean that you stopped taking now then a year after you got pregnant? Is that correct?


Lipstick - September 29

There is not much observation that taking bc pills before getting pregnant caused mc but rather taking bc pills during pregnancy. There are a lot of cases for the later.


Imhere - September 30

I have taken birth control pills too for 5 months. I have a difficulty in having a full-term pregnancy or rather a conception. It has been a year and 2 mos. ago when I stopped the bc pills. Do you think it has a connection?


PerryTim - November 21

Thanks for all your points. I think it has an effect and I've seen it as a good one because I feel it just prepared my body before I can really have a baby. At least I'll not worry that it might give some side effects to my baby.


XoXo - November 21

That's right Perry because the bc pills may still have some residue especially that you were taking it for a long time. At least your body may have expelled first all of these before conceiving.


MoM - November 21

It is a case to case basis but I'm glad you see it in a positive way PerryTim. Just take your time. I'm sure there is always the right time.


QString99 - November 22

Birth Control pills may have a little or no effect at all. It is our body that has a difficulty in adjusting again and being ready with conceiving. Most people get pregnant easily if missed a pill.


Brightcurve - November 22

That's right QString99, that is why women who take pills should really be careful not to miss a pill if they don't want to get pregnant yet.


PerryTim - November 24

I've heard of some women who easily got pregnant after stopping the bc pills. I believe that it is a case to case basis. I also believe that it will depend on what bc pills you are taking. Anyone here who can confirm my view?


Her_baby - November 25

My sister took bc pills for 2 years and when she stop she got pregnant rightaway. She delivered a healthy baby. I guess it will also depend on the mother's capability.


dorriesmith - November 26

Your body hormones may have been affected by the pills. It is not impossible to happen because our body tends to get use to the kind of environment you want it to have, this case you don't want to get pregnant while taking the bc pills.



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