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Trying again?? How long did it take others??
5 Replies
Sophiee - November 3

I am a 21 year old second year student Nurse. I live with my boyfriend. About 2 months ago I suffered a missed miscarriage. I found out at 11 weeks the baby had died at 5.5 weeks which meant for over a month I had a dead baby in my uterus which I was planning for and loving. Having the miscarriage and being a student in my hospital meant I had to see the sonographer who told me the baby had died, the nurse who gave me the vaginal pessary so I would pass the product a few days after the miscarriage on a professional level. Money wise we could just about cope with the added expense of a baby with some very creative financing. Despite all this I really think I want to try again and see if I can carry a baby. I feel really lonely when I used to feel fine and I miss the fact that I am not pregnant. My partner and I have agreed to try again. I'm just scared it's going to happen again. What made other people decide to try again??

Sorry for rambling. Thanks for reading


queenA - November 3


Imagine i just got my first period after the m/c. it sucks cuz i remember the doctor saying that you should wait till you get your period to try again. and seeing my period just reminded me that im not pregnant. sucks. wish i coulda try now.:(


kate2010 - February 8

Hi I'm 23 now I misscarried 5 months ago at 8 weeks, We have just decided to start trying again because now I've been pregnant I really want to be pregnant again and I've never been so sure that I want a baby. Just started trying this month and it's scary and difficult I haven't done a test yet but I am dreading it saying no I think it will always be scary and difficult but we so want a baby we have to try! hope this helps x x x


queenA - February 8

hey kate,

hows it going? i feel the same way, imagine just this morning i told my 2 best friends that im gona try again. ofcourse i shoulda known better than to tell them that. they discouraged me ofcourse. they act as if it's a crime to get pregnant before being married. none of them r there for me when im crying every night because i really want a baby. i am sure of that now too. i dnt give a dam wat nobody thinks.

I also know how crushing it is when that stick shows one red line. lol for some reason we who have had miscarriages do it and dnt even realize that we're "hoping to be pregnant" until the test shows negative.
BUT i'm sure we can do this. Kate let me no how it goes. :) fingers crossed for u.


kate2010 - February 8

I'm much better now thanks hope you are too?! good luck x


Horace33 - April 26

I had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago. I asked my Dr. if my chances were higher and he said "no" He said that my chances were the same as any other women but he also said that my chances of having 2 miscarriages in a row is 10%. It is a little confusing and he even said its confusing. I will give you the same advice he gave me. "Don't worry, the odds are with you this time around"



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