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wat BENEFITS do u get frm COUNSELING???
32 Replies
uggoerelif - September 24

My husband wants me 2 attend counseling in order 2 comfort myself frm d traumatic experience of miscarriage. I think it s jst a waste of tym, I cn just talk 2 hm or 2 my friends f I need comfort. I cnt c any benefits frm counseling dat I cnt hv frm d support dat my family cn give me.


Kirsten - September 24

Through counseling you can get some professional care and you will be able to understand the reasons why we have to go through to a certain stage after having a baby loss. If you are not really comfortable attending such or you think it can't really help you then don't. It is only you that can know what is the best way to recover.


LotsOfLove - September 24

Yeah don't go if you feel it will not help you. You know better.


quo - September 26

i've attended counseling once and it was very informative and i was able to realize that there are worse cases than i have. in a way it contributed to my fast recovery.


barbie - September 26

I've heard about counseling too but I was not convinced to attend one. I guess it is more like being in this forum where you can share your experiences and support each other for the loss. Most likely the benefit is just to ease out the pain and have hope to try again.


uggoerelif - September 26

Ye, I cn just hv some cmfort here f I rily need 2. Jaz cnt stand listening to other pipol 4 a certn session. I feel I cn manage 2 recover reading some posts here or callng a frend over 4 a coffee.


Emmie - September 28

Hi, I am undergoing some counseling right now and for the benefits, I still can't tell any difference as the comfort from the family. Maybe in the coming sessions I could say something about it. I'll share what I can.


lennie - September 29

Counseling may depend on the kind of environment you are in, meaning the people you are dealing with in the group. Have you experience being bitter of other people's success in pregnancy?


Emmie - September 30

lennie-You have a point there. In my class we are I think 15 and everyone is dealing well with each other. Being bitter might be normal but you have to cope with it for other people around you. There is not special treatment in the group even if the other mother is experiencing a harder mc or not.


bluesclues - October 1

don't you think listening to the stories of other mothers who have harder experience in pregnancy loss would make us feel better?


Emmie - October 4

bluesclues- Actually, there's some truth about that. We as humans would sometimes compare our experience with other and in a way it gives some comfort if there are those who have heavier loads than ours. On the other side of it, we should not take it on us and against them. We should have a heart to comfort them.


kicker_baby - October 5

i've suggested counseling to my sis-in-law but she doesn't feel it will help her so we didn't force her. it is better to just listen and be there for her because she is recovering fast enough.


MoM - October 5

I think it will depend on the person undergoing such activity. Just put in mind that the main purpose of counseling is to help mother's recover for the loss and avoid being depressed.


Naomi - October 7

I was not really considering counseling to overcome the loss. I think it is something that does work for a certain person but not for another.


SusanRenz - October 7

Just curious how much will it cost to undergo counseling?


Joyce35 - October 22

I think it will depend on your location but there are support groups that are free of charge. There are even phone counselings and free downloading of pamphlets for better understanding of the loss.


quo - October 22

yeah and will also depend on how many sessions you will be taking. i think it won't cost more than a 100 usd.



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