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wat BENEFITS do u get frm COUNSELING???
32 Replies
quo - October 22

yeah and will also depend on how many sessions you will be taking. i think it won't cost more than a 100 usd.


Joyce35 - October 22

Well that would still be a lot of money to spend. Just take advantage of the free stuffs.


quo - October 22

hahaha... yeah i would prefer the free ones to avoid getting more stressed with the charges.


ginger - October 23

you can also find comfort and it is a form of counseling in joining forums like this. it is helpful because you can learn from the experiences of other mothers and also relate with their feelings.


SusanRenz - October 24

Yeah that cost a lot. I would prefer the free counseling or support group. I think this is also applicable to very serious cases of depression.


SassyMom - November 2

I honestly don't get any benefit from counseling. It is just like a temporary fix for me.


cRoWdEdRoOm - November 2

Well we all have our own opinion about this but the main agenda is to help mothers who lost their babies recover from the emotional and physical effect of such. That is the main benefit of counseling but it has no fixed guarantee.


AileenMay - November 26

don't you think listening to the stories of other mothers who have harder experience in pregnancy loss would make us feel better?

In a way it may help but it would only give a temporary fix to the situation.


strawberry - November 30

i am considering having a counseling after 2 months from my miscarriage because i can't seem to understand and accept the loss. my husband is traveling for work and we just see each other every 6 months. i have no one to be with.


SusanRenz - November 30

Yeah temporary fix is true so why spend much on it. Counseling can be done for free and you can read some books that might help you understand and accept the loss.


strawberry - November 30

i am actually reading some inspiring books but it is too basic and i does not ease the pain and the longing.


Trina^^ - December 1

Counseling will be very helpful and I still think it would be worth the price for kind of comfort a person will have in the session.


maryabbygail*** - December 1

i think counseling can give a clear understanding of what happened and why it happened. for me it is helpful.


AileenMay - December 1

Yeah it is helpful for a while. Counseling can only be a part of the whole process only.


maryabbygail*** - December 1

hehe... sounds like AileenMay really hate counseling. what is the story behind it? :)


AileenMay - December 1

Nothing personal maryabbygail, I just don't see any benefit from it that we can't get from normal discussions with mothers like you.



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