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we lost our baby at 21 weeks.
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jenniferjune - December 12

Our pregnancy was going ok, we went for our 10 week scan, then again at 13 weeks and everything was ok. At 15 weeks i had a small bleed so we went to the hospital and they scanned me and said everything was fine. Ont he 28th Nov 2011 we went to the hospital for our 20 week scan, the scan took almost an hour and they told me i need to go see a specialist as there appears to be a problem but they couldnt tell us exactly what it was. After seeing the specialist they told us our baby had heart problems and we needed to see another doctor. We were devestated as we knew there was a problem but we didnt know to what extent and exactly what was wrong. On the 30th November we went to see the specialist who scanned our baby again and told us exactly how ill our baby was, his heart had not formed right and he was very ill and they could not do anything to help our baby and the chances of him living was slim anyway. This was the worst moment of our lives and we were devestated. On the 2nd December 2011 i went to the hospital to have our baby induced and he was born on Saturday 3rd December 2011 at 3.05am. We had a little boy and called him Tommy, he was the most beautiful little baby iv ever seen, and i just couldnt believe this had happened to me, Why us??
Its been just over a week since he was born and his funeral is this friday. this is by far the worst time of my life and no one can seem to help with the pain i am feeling now for the loss of our little boy, i would do anything to have him back and hold him as a mothers love for a baby is so unbelievably strong and if i had one wish it would be to have him back.
were going to try again but no matter how many children i have a will never forget our little boy and i hope that we meet again someday and i can hold him again in heaven.
I love you Tommy so much, mummy will always miss you. xx



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