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What inpires you to keep trying?
10 Replies
Vivian - November 24

Every person or in this case mother has her own way of getting over the loss. Some may take long while others learn to accept easily. What are the things that inspires you to give it another try?


Fairy28 - November 24

Well the thought of having a happy and complete family. I also love kids and I always imagine them playing around inside the house.


Vivian - November 24

I also have those thoughts. It is very exciting to know that you have kids running back and forth and making a lot of noise in the house.


goldengirl - November 25

it is normal to think of those things because we are never complete as a woman until we become mothers. that one thing or goal inspires me to keep trying.


Halina_88 - December 16

I guess just the thought that we will give life is very inspiring plus the love that our partners give us is like unsatisfied if we can't have babies.


Fishlette - December 16

I don't even know if it is inspiration that keeps me want to have a baby. I just know that I need to have a baby. That I am capable of being a mother.


kAtRiNa - December 16

I just wanted to be a fulfilled woman and a good mother. I want to have a complete happy family.


Honeydee - December 18

I am inspired to keep trying because of mothers who have much worse situation than mine and are still willing to keep trying.


lennie - December 18

Katrina- sometimes being a mother may not be the thing that can make you a fulfilled woman. Maybe there are other ways that you are planned to have.


--cristy-- - December 20

i am inspired by hope that i can still have a healthy pregnancy. even if i have experienced loss, as long as my doctor says that i can still try again that is enough for me.


JaneGirl - December 20

Oh that's is nice --cristy--. Mothers should also consider the future and though it is needed to grieve and be sad, they should move on.



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