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What is a CHEMICAL pregnancy?
6 Replies
Stella_Peter - September 24

As I've heard from my cousin it is also an early miscarriage but I really don't understand how it happens and do you have a more specific definition or an example for a chemical pregnancy?


Lydia - September 26

As I've understood it, it is more like a very early miscarriage or a false pregnancy as the term would signify it. No actual gestation sac that was formed and most likely is the cause for delayed period.


a n n a b e l l e - September 26

most women don't know they already have this kind of mc. i have a friend who experienced a chemical pregnancy since she had a positive test when she missed her period and a few days she had her menstruation which in fact was a sign of miscarriage as per her doctor's findings.


s U s I e - September 27

Oh this is a chemical pregnancy. I don't think this is my case because my doc said that I am pregnant but just needs more test for the spotting and pills to make the baby hold. I do hope I am not encountering a chemical pregnancy.


Xpressbaby - September 28

This is a common case and I think it is the earliest miscarriage. How did they come up with this name? I mean what is the basis for having a chemical pregnancy?


quo - September 28

i think this is more on false pregnancy, chemical in the sense that there is no actual conception. no clinical observation of being really pregnant. is this one case wherein we take some vitamins to increase hcg and resulted to positive pt which maybe thought of as being pregnant even if not?


Lipstick - September 29

You are all right about chemical pregnancy. There are some results that are affected because of having taken fertility pills that increases your hcg level. There are instances also that a false positive pregnancy test occurs which is the case that quo mentioned (positive pt when you are not pregnant).



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