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What to expect?
6 Replies
MarieLD - September 14

Hi I am new here and I have read a lot from this forum and I am thankful.I have been married for 2 years and we are now planning to have a baby.I am interested in hearing your views on what to expect when I finally get pregnant.I mean from mothers who experienced pregnancy loss.I just want to prepare myself for the possibility but of course I am hoping not to miscarry.Thanks for all help.


Kirsten - September 14

Welcome MarieLD and I'm happy to hear that you are preparing yourself for pregnancy. In my opinion there is a lot to expect but it will just come in naturally. I admire you for your eagerness in knowing the situations that you may encounter in getting pregnant, especially this sensitive issue of pregnancy loss. So, you have some background of how it would feel to encounter miscarriage. I think the most important thing to expect is the overwhelming feeling of having a baby to its full-term.


SusanRenz - September 22

Hi MarieLD... Is it safe to say that you should expect the worse? Hehehe... just kidding but it is half meant. I would consider expecting the worse so that in the actual scenario, whatever the result be, I will be ready to accept it. On the contrary, getting pregnant is really a fulfilling emotion and just pray you will make it until full term. Good Luck!


MarieLD - September 23

Thanks Kirsten and Susan.

Susan-hehe... yeah you have a point there on expecting the worse but I would rather make it a little lighter, I'll not expect too much.This maybe help me avoid being depressed if things don't go my way.


durabell - September 24

Great points ladies. Planning to have a baby is really exciting and most of all worth it. Expect for the best I think and still consider some possibilities in order to be prepared for whatever there is that you have to face. Being a mother is no joke right from the start. Expect the unexpected that's it!


MarieLD - September 28

Haha...Expect the unexpected! That is great durabell.I'm starting to make some physical preparation now.Kind of exciting and at the same time scary because of all the stories I heard from other mothers.I think it is but normal to feel this way.:)


quo - September 28

i think there is so much to expect. just in case things will not be very good then just prepare yourself to be strong to accept it and move on.



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