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When to get preggy again?
23 Replies
LotsOfLove - September 24

After my first miscarriage last July of this year I can't wait to get pregnant again, so as soon as I got fertile I got pregnant again but miscarried again. Now, we stopped trying first so that I can recover from the consecutive miscarriages.

Who can share similar experience and how did it go?


DearMom - September 24



Stella_Peter - September 24

We can't really stop ourselves from trying very soon after miscarriage but we should also consider our body's condition. We need to rest for a month maybe just to be sure to give the baby a healthier place to grow.


LotsOfLove - September 24

I see now. Yes, it is quite difficult to be disappointed for the loss because we were really excited to know that I was pregnant then suddenly it was loss so we doubled our effort to have another baby. I think I should take care of myself first. Thanks moms!


quo - September 26

does it really follow that a pregnancy right after a miscarriage is most likely to be miscarried again? do we really have to wait for one menstruation before getting pregnant again?


Xpressbaby - September 26

Hi I am also trying to conceive (ttc) and I just had my cycle so I think it is safe for me to just apply the natural way of ttcing again? I'm sorry to hear that LotsOfLove, I'm sure it would be a hard thing to cope with. In my case I just had my mc last month, my first mc after 3 successful deliveries. It's really a depressing experience how much more having it twice. Hope you are fine now.


uggoerelif - September 26

In my case, im not yet ready 2 get pregnant agen. Jaz need to rest first in order to gain strngth and get over d loss. Cnt stand d loss if it will happen agen anytym soon.


Lydia - September 26

It will depend on how did the miscarriage happened or handle. Like if you had a d&c procedure then giving it time to heal and to make your uterus thicker for another embryo to settle will be advisable. It means after one cycle then it is safe to conceive. On the other hand, for natural miscarriage it is fine to conceive as soon as you are ready.


Stella_Peter - September 29

If you are physically and emotionally ready to get pregnant again. Both you and your partner.


jackie_ruiz - October 20

Yeah I feel the same as uggoerelif, I need some time first even if my OB says I can now conceive. I also agree with Stella_Peter that getting pregnant should be something that we physically and emotionally prepare for.


Vivian - October 21

If ever I'll have the same experience I don't think I can be ready for another pregnancy too soon. It is really difficult to accept a pregnancy loss but we have to move on. Sorry for the losses moms.


QString99 - November 22

Hi tsandell, this thread may help answer your question on when is the right time to try again.


Emmie - December 1

I am really ready to get pregnant again.


GirlTalk - December 1

Same here Emmie. I am just waiting for the right time that it will be given to me.


Vivian - December 13

When can you say that it is the right time?


CryingTime - December 14

Getting pregnant too soon is fine but as long as it will be a successful one. If it is another mc then that is torture for me. In my case, I had an allowance of almost half a year before another mc. Still it is not easy and I got traumatized.


Amanda - December 14

Vivian - You can feel it within you if it is the right time. Considering that everything is fine, you are prepared physically and emotionally and you are ready for whatever the outcome be. That when I can say that the right time has come.



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