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Would you consider to stop working?
12 Replies
Hoklner_wise - September 21

In my case I had to stop working to achieve a full-term pregnancy. If you were asked to do that would you stop working too?


SusanRenz - September 22

Of course I will stop working in order to have a healthy and successful pregnancy. I will give up anything for my baby.


bambi - September 22

Oh such a simple solution in order to avoid miscarriage. I would definitely stop working right away. I wish that is the reason I had why I miscarry.:(


durabell - September 22

I also would agree to stop working. There are a lot of things in our household to be busy with while being pregnant. Just be careful not to over work on things, just the simple chores to avoid boredom.


kAtRiNa - September 23

I am considering resigning from work this year and should have a bed rest per doctor's advice. I feel hesitant about it but should follow in order to have a successful pregnancy.


Hoklner_wise - October 5

I have done this already. I have to stop working because I traveled a lot and was advised to stop and got pregnant at full-term. Thanks God!


GirlTalk - October 6

I think it will depend on my current status if my husband's income would be enough to support us then I think I would stop working. On the other hand if I still have to earn for us to survive I will just find another job that would not give me any problem when pregnant.


Kisses - October 7

That will be a nice option GirlTalk. Just be sure you are not pregnant yet when you apply because most companies won't accept pregnant women for a position. Maybe a part time job will do.


WinonaBlues - November 25

You are talking about pregnancy discrimination Kisses. That is a fact at present because companies don't like the hassle of taking a leave during delivery. A part time job will really do for moms who have to stop working.


MarieLD - November 26

Very true WinonaBlues.


zzzAndreazzz - December 1

I guess it is hard to say now but for whatever its worth I think I can be willing to stop working.


HOPE - December 3



kAtRiNa - December 3

Hi moms, it is now final, I am resigning this 15th to focus on getting a healthy pregnancy. Wish us luck next year.



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