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Are warts on other parts of body a sign of HPV infection??
12 Replies
Stayhealthy88 - September 18

Hello, are warts on other parts of the body ( one on the chest and one on the left leg )a sign of HPV infection? If they are just common warts, will I pass them on to my partners when we live together and have sexual intimacy??

Your professional answers will be appreciated. Thanks.


Lelouch - September 18

All warts are caused by HPV, but each strain affects different parts of the body.


Leslie Know - September 18

The warts on your body will not affect the genital area, just as if you had genital warts, you wouldn't get them on your feet, etc.


ginger - September 18

You can get the warts treated by your doc if over the counter things aren't working.


Stayhealthy88 - September 18

thank you for the answer and could you pls tell me whether all warts are STD? What can I do to make sure that other people don't get this from me?? I really want to protect people I love , even it is a minor disease.


ginger - September 18

No, not all warts are an std. The only warts that are an std are the ones on your genitals.


Oblivion - September 18

Warts can be contagious though. Have you tried treating any of them?


Stayhealthy88 - September 19

Could you pls tell me how to prevent my spouse from getting common warts from me? Can he get warts from me by close physical contact?
thank you.


Oblivion - September 19

Where are your warts? Are they on your genitals? If they are on your genitals, then your spouse has already been exposed. If they are on your body, your partner has already been exposed.


oatsino - September 20

I've gotten warts on my elbows and feet, and no one has ever gotten them from me, though its possible.


Stayhealthy88 - September 20

Thank you, I am just curious about what you have said , coz I want to find some good information for my own case. Talking about your personal case of warts, how nice that they did not get it from you. I hope other people will never get this from me too.Did you have close physical contact with other people like your bf or husband ?


oatsino - September 20

No one has ever gotten any warts from me. Over the last 20 years or so, I've had them on my elbows and feet, and have had 3 long term relationships, and none of them got it from me.


Stayhealthy88 - September 30

Thanks again. Have a wonderful day!



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