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Bacterial Vaginosis
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kat_d - October 12

A few months back, I started having an itch in my vagina along with a foul odor and a yellow colored discharge. Within a few days, the odor, itching, and discharge worsened. I was very embarrassed and was afraid others could smell the odor, so I did not want to leave my home. I knew the odor was bad and I certainly did not want others to know just how bad I smelled.
The worst part of all is that partner noticed the odor and steered clear even sleeping on the couch to avoid a sexual encounter. Now, my sex life was over!
I decided I should visit my obgyn to learn what was wrong. This was the very first step that leads to my cure and I learned from the exam that I had bacterial vaginosis and my obgyn recommended me treatment with Cervugid Ovules (vaginal suppository).
I bumped to my friend, Cindy that told me she had bacterial vaginosis about a year ago and she had used same treatment with Cervugid Ovules, also recommended by my obgyn to me and was completely cured. She explained the process had seen women cured with only 3 boxes of Cervugid Ovules, Cindy said it took her about 2-3 months to be completely cured from a chronic case of bacterial vaginosis. I tried the process and was amazed that all Cindy had said was true. Cervugid Ovules treatment works great for non-chronic bacterial vaginosis as well as chronic cases and for other diseases like Cervical HPV (Human PapillomaVirus) and more.
At first, I was uncertain if I should try the treatment, but Cindy provided me with the website address and I read all the great things about treatment with Cervugid Ovules that other women were stating about this. I knew Cindy had been cured.
I am so glad that I decided to follow both advices (obgyn and my friend).
Cindy explained me how to take the treatment. Same method told by the obgyn. Therefore, I went forward with Cervugid Ovules.
I could not believe the results I felt in just 2 months. I noticed even more improvement, my bacterial vaginosis was totally gone and I was cured. The next month, no symptoms returned and then after two months no symptoms returned. Thanks to my doctor for this treatment.
What did I receive from this experience?
• The foul odor is gone
• The yellow discharge is gone
• The itching is gone
• The swelling in my vagina is gone
• I have my self-confidence back
• I have my self-esteem back
• I know bacterial vaginosis will not return
• I stick to a healthy habits to ensure bacterial vaginosis never returns
• I have freedom to enjoy life without the fear that someone will notice the odor
• Sex is back and better than ever



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