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Blood in my stool
8 Replies
dee - August 29

It's embarrassing, but there's blood in my stool and it is kind of scary. I get sick to a lot of food i eat and there's been blood in my stool before but just today it was pretty bad. Is this a symptom of STD?


Leslie Know - August 29

Something as simple as a Hemorrhoid can cause bloody stools, but your getting sick from a lot of food suggests it is something else. You could have a bowel disease.


Hype - August 30

It may be a simple thing to just take note of what foods you ate prior to bleeding. I had this problem when I was eating certain foods. You need to see a doctor, if the problem persists.


dee - August 30

The blood was maroon. Thanks everyone. I'm going with a relative tomorrow to have myself checked.


LiZardluv3r - September 4

a little bit of blood occasionally is normal. too frequently, and it can mean colon cancer. sometimes people get ulcers.


Lelouch - September 4

Hopefully it will be something simple. but bloody stool can indicate SERIOUS PROBLEMS.


Cher - September 4

it also depends on if the blood is dark or light in color. If it is dark you are bleeding pretty far up in the GI tract...if it is bright could just be inflamed. It could mean a lot of different things...


Oblivion - September 4

Causes of blood in stool range from harmless, annoying conditions of the gastrointestinal tract such as hemorrhoids to serious conditions such as cancer. Blood in the stool is not a good sign at all
Blood in the stool can be bright red, maroon in color, black and tarry, or occult (not visible to the naked eye). Blood in the stool should be evaluated by a healthcare professional.


Lola - September 8

Rarely, massive bleeding from the right colon, from the small intestine, or from ulcers of the stomach or duodenal can cause rapid transit of the blood through the gastrointestinal tract and result in bright red rectal bleeding. In these situations, the blood is moving through the colon so rapidly that there is not enough time for the bacteria to turn the blood black.



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