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Can Antibiotics affect Syphils EIA?
13 Replies
brunettenrs - September 26

I had a syphilis test while taking Penicillin V Potassium by mouth for a week following a dental procedure. My test result was negative. Could the antibiotic have affected the test? Can Penicillin V cure syphilis if I had it? I am concerned that my boyfriend might be infected and my tests results are negative because it was cured or affected by the use of antibiotics.


Oblivion - September 26

pen vk isn't the proper treatment for syphilis.


Lelouch - September 26

Why the concern over syphilis?


brunettenrs - September 26

Because my boyfriend had a scaly sore on his penis and then a scaly rash at the bottom of his feet. The rash might be athletes foot because the skin is cracked, peeling and in between the toes but the sore on his penis looks like a chancre?


Lelouch - September 26

how about a test?


brunettenrs - September 26

He refuses to get a syphilis test because I was his only sex partner and he says that if my tests were negative he doesn't need to be tested. My concern is I gave it to him, I was cured, and he will continue to be untreated.


Lelouch - September 26

syphilis is one of the last things I would be thinking of from that rash.


Oblivion - September 26

He needs to go and be seen about his rashes.


Tiare - September 26

Odds are it's not a std and he needs follow up on it to get an idea of what is going on and treat it.


Luffy - September 29

If he continues to be stubborn, you be stubborn back. If he has genital rashes, you absolutely should not be having sex until they have cleared.


Tiare - September 30

If you two have never had full std screenings since you've been together, let him know that he needs to get that done too if the relationship is going to continue.


Saphirehon - September 30

Your own health is very important and don't let a partner's refusal to go and be seen be a reason to risk your health!


Lelouch - September 30

You need to get checked out to see what damaged this rough play has resulted in.


brunettenrs - October 2

Thank You...... do you know if taking antibiotics would affect the syphilis EIA? Because i did have a full STD screening and everything was negative.



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