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Mich7 - September 28

Can i bath with my husband when he has an GH outburst? what about oral sex when he does not have an outburst?


curiousmae - September 28

Have you ever or recently had a type specific herpes igg blood test to know your own status? Does your husband have hsv1 or hsv2 genitally? How does he treat his herpes? Is he on daily suppressive therapy to reduce your risk?


bluechick - September 28

Herpes is transmitted thru direct skin on skin contact.


ginger - September 28

If he has active lesions and you want to bathe with him in the tub - the virus will not "float" thru the water to infect you.


Vance2335 - September 29

Now if you sit on his lap and fool around a bit with him in the tubby - then yes there's a chance for transmission but just plain ole sharing a shower or a bath isn't going to be a risk if you aren't in contact with this genital area.


zilian - September 29

Same with when he doesn't have an active lesion present. He still periodically is shedding the virus but without direct skin on skin contact with your genital area to his and some heat and friction - transmission isn't going to be very likely at all.


Mich7 - September 29

husband has hsv2. he uses Activan cream only when he gets an outburst. thats what the dr told him to do. i havent done a blood test, to be honest im so scared and very embarressed.


Oblivion - September 29

It's very unlikely that you transmitted your hsv2 to your son! (my opinion)


Mich7 - September 29



Oblivion - September 29

I mean as long as there is no skin contact then the possibility is really low


Dallasfan - September 30

I have no idea what cream it is your husband uses on ob's - I couldn't find it when I googled it but in general topicals don't help a whole heck of a lot. It also isn't doing anything to cut down on shedding in between ob's either which is worth doing in a discordant relationship.


bluechick - September 30

I encourage both of you to read the handbook to learn how to best protect you and also get yourself tested to see if you even need to worry at this point about contracting the virus from him.


Luffy - September 30

Yes you are more likely not to contract it if all you do is avoid sex during obvious genital symptoms but still being female - your risk is higher than it is for males.



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