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Can my husband get prostate problems from anal sex with me?
8 Replies
suspicious42 - September 18

My husband has a prostate infection and I believe I have Chlamydia waiting for results. I have read that a male can get a prostate infection through a STD such as Chlamydia or gonorrhea. I have been faithful but this is the second time in our marriage I will have had Chlamydia as well as the second time he has had prostate. I have read that Chlamydia can be spread through the bacteria from anal sex. Of course we do not have sex vaginally after anal sex it is usually not for weeks later as we have been married 15 years. I guess my question is if my husband has given me Chlamydia is possible it is from anal sex we could have had weeks ago or am I wishful thinking. I do not know what to think?


Vance2335 - September 18

So the chlamydia infection was weeks ago, and you have been married for 15 years? Chlamydia wouldn't be caused by anal sex, but can be transmitted by anal sex.


Lelouch - September 18

Chlamdydia isn't caused by any sexual positions - its caused by a bacteria that you can only get from sex. The only way it could have been brought into your marriage is if someone stepped out of the marriage.


bluechick - September 18

If you have chlamdyia again, then either your treatment didn't work, you had sex too soon after treatment, or someone had sex again with someone who is infected.


Dallasfan - September 18

I'm sorry - it seems you have some things to work out. :(


suspicious42 - September 18

thanks for the post. I guess I was just hoping that he had contracted the bacteria from anal sex with me that could have caused the prostate problem. I had read that the prostate infrection he has is due to an STD such as chlamydia which could be contract through vaginal or anal sex, but I guess that is only after you have gotten the STD.


revan_delacroix - September 18

dang dang dang dang .... now i wonder where'd he get the virus


suspicious42 - September 18

I was hoping that because of the anal sex he had gotten the bacteria that way. I guess I know better as the first bout of this was years ago and though I do not have my test results back againI I know enough about my body to know what is happening. You are right I guess we have some things to work out!


Oblivion - September 19

Prostate problems aren't always from STDs. They can be caused by many things, and he should be following up with his doctor for this.



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