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18 Replies
poiu1 - October 28

Can anyone tell me, with Syphilis do you always get a chancre occure or can you miss this stage and just develop a non itchy rash?


Vance2335 - October 28

you always get one.


poiu1 - October 28

Thanks Vance, i missed the chancre but i have had a rash come and go on my forearms. This rash has stopped occuring now but i am getting a discomfort under my armpits when i tense up inder the arms. Do you think this could be sollen nodes linked to syphilis?


poiu1 - October 29

So would you say my rash on my arms is definatly 100% not syphilis related Vance?


Vance2335 - October 30

Can never say 100%. But according to your description I would say not likely to be syphilis related.


poiu1 - October 31

How about the pain under my armpits?


ginger - October 31

how long have you had the pain in your armpits?


poiu1 - October 31

I have had it for a few days now as well as aching feeling in my back. Are these symptoms?


Vance2335 - November 5

No. If you are this worried then why not test so you can be 100%?


poiu1 - November 5

I know your right and i should do. Its been 7 months since i had possible exposure. Since then my girlfriend has given birth to our first baby and i am living in such guilt.

I live in the UK. Do you know what the rates are for syphilis in the UK?


Vance2335 - November 5

Syphilis in any developed country is rare. In the US I think we had maybe 20,000 cases or so last year. So that is lower then 1%.


ginger - November 5

I have gone through something similar just remember guilt does not equal risk. And until you find a way to deal with the guilt you might always have something in the back of your mind about it.


poiu1 - November 6

Thanks ginger. I will try and forget the incident ever happened and hope that nothing comes of this.


ginger - November 6

ur welcome :)


poiu1 - November 6

One more thing, does Secondary symptoms all occur at the same time or would you have a rash for a month, then a fever for a month then body aches for a month etc etc. Or would they all appear within a few days of each other?


Vance2335 - November 7

Secondary you will always have a rash...those other symptoms have no guarantee to show up.


poiu1 - November 7

Just to re-itterate....The RASHES with secondary syphilis is constant and does not come and go every few days right??



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