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24 Replies
PennieLane - November 3

Has anyone ever used condylox and know if 1) it actually works, (I've heard good things) and 2) how much does it cost/will insurance cover the prescription??

Thanks for you help!


PennieLane - November 4

Also... has anyone tried apple cider vinegar SUCCESSFULLY? I tried applying it for one night and the burning was almost unbarable, but if it really works i could probably suck it up if I had to....


Oblivion - November 4

My vote is to condylox (podophyllotoxin) and its success rate is far higher... you should not use any treatment at your own without doctor's prescription...


GAGIRL326 - November 4

Yes Condylox works. I was diagnosed w/ GW about a wk ago, Its been less than a wk Iv'e been on treatment & the warts are gone. It does burn really bad during treatment, I found myself sitting in front of a fan all 3 nights of the treatment. & I'm still kind of sore down there, I didn't get out of bed yesterday because of the soreness. But it was all worth it.


MaddisonR - November 5

Try eating healthier & taking natural vitamins to help boost your immune system so it can fight off the virus. I'm no doctor just telling you from personal experience.


GAGIRL326 - November 5

My doctor said warts don't usually return after the first treatment of condylox so i'm hopng & praying i never see mines again.


Juvana - November 6

I was wondering since Condylox Gel can eliminate warts effectively how come i was not given this by my doctor. My doctor kept telling me that they can't do anything to my warts except for a laser operation..

Will Condylox Gel works if my growth is as big as 3X1cm?


GAGIRL326 - November 6

Well I'm not sure, most of my warts where small, i had one that was medium size, & applied the gel on them for 3 days, every 12 hrs & then you rest for 4 days. I'm on my 3rd day of resting & I noticed the warts are gone.


Lola - November 9

Are you're warts in that area? If not maybe that has something to do with why you weren't prescribed this treatment. Try talking to different doctors & see what they say. Condylox is for genital warts in between the anus & vagina opening.


Juvana - November 9

Yup mine is at the anus and vagina opening, i realized the warts are getting bigger each day. Frankly speaking, i don't know how m i going to bear it :( My operation is scheduled on next month.


Luffy - November 10

By the way, Will you choose to tell your ex-bf that u have contracted with HPV?


Juvana - November 10

my ex is a Fxxking jerk, he dumped me after my abortion and few months Later i m diagnosed with STD so if u were me will u still go and tell him?


DixieM - November 10

I know HPV will still be contagious even if the warts are removed so with this problem how are you going to face your future partner? I think no guys will ever accept a gal with STD as they can't afford to have sex anymore..


Juvana - November 10

I am living in an Asia country and the people down here tend to discriminate ppl who has contracted... i am feeling quite depressed now as i m still young, will this virus put a stop to my relationship and sexual life?


PennieLane - November 11

How do u manage to deal with it?


GAGIRL326 - November 11

girl its not that bad trust me! I had to tell 2 of my sex partners, one flipped out, and one handled it well.


erza - November 11

you should always be honest with them but then again there's no reason to really tell men b/c they don't have a test for it, they will only know if they have it if they develop symptoms.



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