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cramps and pressure after Endometrial Ablation
44 Replies
trishwitch - September 26

hey i hear u completly about the pain.. i had the novasure d/c and hystroscopy 1 wk ago pain meds seem to work..going back to my dr today to see why i am still cramping..also very sad and getting hot flashes.i am lucky to have a very compassionate dr. i have to kids had a drug free delivery and a c section and didn't have this much pain..worried if this was the right choice..


revan_delacroix - September 26

dang, this procedure sounds scary


tirednfl - September 29

I had the novasure procedure done 1 month ago. The pain and cramping was awful the first 3 days then the pain subsided. A few days ago I started having this pain in my lower right side, pelvic mayby? Anyways, it comes and goes and the in last week I have been cramping like I am fixing to start or something. I am kinda moody and bout sick of this cramping.


catty74 - October 25


I am just after a little advice...i am due to have the novasure done on Wednesday and just a little worried because I have started my period today. Does any one know if I can still have the Novasure done.

Many thanks


geegee71 - January 18

Hello, I just had an Endometrial Ablation Novasure)on Friday the (Jan.)15th. Since I've come home from the hospital I've had horrible low back pain. The cramping is still pretty bad too. I was supposed to be able to go back to work today...but there is no way. I'm going to go back to the doctor tomorrow. Has anyone had these same problems? Thanks


achms00 - February 14

Well, I know everyone has different experiences, but the procedure itself (Her Option Cryoablation) I was actually expecting it to be worse. Now 2 days later when everything is supposed to be hunky dorey, HOLY MOLEY!!!!! I am in severe pain, cramps, gas like pain, bloating, and really back rectal pressure. I don't know what is going on. Last night I had a low grade fever (normal, I guess) but now no fever, but I thought the pain was only supposed to be for 2 days? I find myself HOLDING MY BREATH, because the motion of breathing is excrusiating! I am posting to possibly get answers or to feel better (misery loves company?)


chestnut - March 8

Hi I had an Endometrial Ablasion (the balloon type) on 17th Feb and reacted to the general anaesthetic and amount of morphine given ie vomitting. Felt very groggy afterwards for about 4 days and my blood pressure dropped when for example standing up and was prescribed anti sickness pills as I kept feeling light headed and nauseous. then was prescribed antibiotics (2 different types) in case I have an infection although my GP thinks I don't. I am still cramping and yes am still bleeding albeit watery. since the op each night I am having really bad flushes usually start at 11-11.30 pm and then have them throughout the night. Today is the first day back at work as I have been too uncomfortable to carry to be on my feet all day. I still do not feel right and am extremely tired (doesn''t help with the night sweats. Has anybody else experienced such affects? Normally I can cope with anything and am healthy but this is getting me down.


sarasue - March 24

I had the Novasure in October 2009. The procedure was perfect - had no issues with recovery. The first few months I bled a bit but eventually the bleeding was so minimal that I didn't even need a pad. The problem I'm experiencing now is severe cramping and lower back pain about 5 days prior to my period. I usually would only have cramps the day I started prior to the ablation. So the question is...bleeding that might make you hemmorage to death or cramps that make you want to seems to be a common problem with this procedure and you just don't know until you do it. I'm not sure if I would have followed through with it knowing the pain I'm dealing with now!!


kwidner73 - May 29

I had the procedure done in the dr office almost 3 years ago because I was having a period every two weeks for 5-7 days. I had very little pain and went back to work the next day. I no longer have any real period but on occasion I will have some light spotting for a day or two, nothing like before. I am very glad I had it done!
I have had some weight gain and will rarely have cramps but when I do have cramps they are as bad as when I had a heavy period. I still say I am glad I had it done. I was tired of periods every two weeks for over a year!


judy4957 - September 13

I had the Novasure ablation done July 30th in the so I didn't need anesthesia. I figured for 90 seconds- I could do it. No pain , no problems. Today 1 1/2 months after procedure I started I believe but so far it is light with very little cramping. I never had any pain or cramping after procedure. If I only have a light period from here on out that is fine with me, anything is better than the heavy periods in my past. Everyone in my family had their 1st period at age 11 I was 10 and they all were in menopause before 45 and I am 53 and was still going strong with no hope of slowing anytime soon so I deserved to get this done.


judy4957 - September 13

Oh yea, and the weight gain - I have already gained 10 # but I am not sure it is from this procedure or from the anti-inflammatories that I am on for my strained muscles in my arm.


Justjac - September 12

I had an EA on 21 July 2011 and still off work, I have suffered cramps and dragging and had two periods, currently enduring my 2nd one where the pain was reduced to 20%, still very hot abdomen, woke up at 4.30am Sunday morning with pain. Am now going to book to see my local doctor to see if anymore can be done, e.g. trying the minipill which I had avoided as I thought this would offer a quick fix to two years of pain. My own doctor and work doctor have been very supportive and said we are all individuals and our results will not fit into a one size fits all prognosis. Wish i was one of the ones who got straight back to normal without periods.


Tracieb - August 12

I had it done in the office on 08-08-12. They started me on 800 mg Martin two days before the procedure. One hour before the procedure, I arrived at the doctors office. They then gave me, one 0.5 mg Xanax, two Lortab, and Zorfran for nausea and one injection of Tornado 60 mg. Then an hour later the. Dr began. It was HORRIBLE. The pain was the worst. They said most people talk through it. Who are these people? I went home, went to sleep and woke up about an hour later in the same HORRIBLE pain I had during the procedure. I took more pain meds, went back to sleep. I have only took the 800 mg Motion a few days. I'm much better today. No bleeding. Only a slight discharge that smells.


judy4957 - August 12

Tracie- I am sorry you had so much pain. I talked through my procedure to the nurses and doctor- it was a piece a cake- little cramping but no pain- It has been 2 years and 1 month since I had it done and no more periods or cramping. I am so happy I had this procedure and would recommend it to everyone.


Minxy - August 31

Having fibroids and very heavy periods, I had Novasure EA done last 10 months ago. The op. was a breeze under general anaesthetic, with no after-pain though the watery discharge took a couple of weeks to clear. Heavy bleedeing was reduced by about 50%, but after a few months it crept back up to how it was before, but now I also get a couple of days of bleeding mid-cycle as well as my periods lasting 7 days rather than the 5 it was before.
I'm now on Tranexamic acid tablets which reduce the bleeding by about 50%, though not the duration of the period or the mid-cycle bleeding. I came to this forum to ask whether anyone has had the Novasure procedure a second time, but from the posts it looks like I should count my blessings in that it could be a lot worse!

I'm sure there are many happy outcomes from the procedure, as it's usually only when you need help or want to warn others that people tend to seek out such forums!


jackie24 - August 10

HI there, I had a novasure back in sept 2013. I was in so much pain for 2 weeks after the but then it all stopped and I felt on top of the world. not had period since. but then in march 2014 I started getting a cramp like feeling in the left side of my stomach and lower back. at first it was just a little uncomfortable but as the day went on it got worse, and then during the night I was woke up with severe pains to the extent of me in tears. I took 4 pain killers to ease it off. once it had gone i went back to sleep . woke up next day with no signs what so ever. then a couple of weeks later i got it again. same as before. it is happening to me now every 2 weeks or so. every time its the same light and bearable through the day crying in pain during early hours of the morning. i have been to see my GP whom sent me for a full scan of kidneys, ovaries the lot and they said everything is fine nothing wrong. then 2 days after my scan i am in pain again, please can anyone help me with this HAVE ANY OF YOU HAD THE SAME LABOUR LIKE PAINS AND FOUND WHAT IS WRONG



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