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Do my guy have scabies or STD?
16 Replies
Yeah2x - August 30

I am pretty sure that both of us don't have STDs. We just had unprotected sex and now he have small blisters and tiny scrapes on his penis. What do you think he caught?


Gumdrop - September 4

A few scrapes or cuts on his penis could just be the result of 'getting a little too rough'.


Oblivion - September 4

A new infection may not be detected during a single test. Getting tested for STDs needs to be done more than once without having unprotected sex between tests to be absolutely sure. The blisters are something entirely different.


LiZardluv3r - September 4

Have him see a doctor or visit your local Planned Parenthood clinic. While you're there get yourselves some condoms too.


JBFan - September 4

what are scabies btw. how do they work?


Oblivion - September 4

Scabies are not considered an STD. They are a parasite. They enter the skin and burrow under it. They produce a lot of itching and also generally leave red lines as they progress .


Lola - September 4

sounds like herpes....seriously . Go to yahoo home. Go to images . Type in Herpes and compare pictures...If it dont like like yours keep typing in diff. things you think it could be until you find it. Good Luck


Jason - September 5

go to your community or any free clinic around your area and have your bf checked AND ALWAYS USE PROTECTION


chalqua - September 5

It does sound like he have caught something. Maybe scabies or it could even be herpes.


Tiare - September 5

run dont walk to the doctor and have your guy checked NOW. this sounds ALOT like herpes. multiple blisters and tiny scrapes = herpes. dont hate him yet, most people with herpes dont even know they have it.


Gumdrop - September 5

if your guy was checked for stds and that is how he was sure he has nothing-well think again because he can only identify herpes when the lesions are present-that is why i say he has to go NOW before they are gone or dry up to much. if they are dry or gonethey may have difficulty proving it is herpes as the lab will have a very hard time recovering the virus.


Vance2335 - September 5

Go to your local health department. Its a possibility that he has a yeast infection, not an STD. This usually occurs when a man has sex with a woman who has a yeast infection. It causes the skin to appear dry, red, and flaky. No actual BLISTERS though.


JOEL08 - September 5

sounds like of you guys could have had it and not know...go to the doctor now!!!


primecast - September 5

i think it could be genital warts (herpes) he may have had an STD called HPV or humanpappiloma virus, its a quiet disease and uncurable but it can and does cause bumps an irritation such as genital warts.


Danielle - September 5

Scabies are a small parasite bug that lives just under your skin. It populates in warm spots, more likely the armpit, behind the leg, and you usually get it from farm animals, or very dirty living conditions,and it is very itchy. Other than that it does sound like a form of herpes. Sorry to hear that. It must hurt.


sweetie - September 9

There are lots of viruses going on today that sometimes you dont even know just like HPV. most of the time theres no symptoms its always good to get yourself check ..but always remember prevention is better than cure so watch out


cfw500 - October 2

must have been due to rough sex



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