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Extreme burning during urination??
18 Replies
bharke - September 28

I just had unprotected sex a few days ago and yesterday I noticed how it was burning during urination, pretty much 2 days later! TODAY, it has gotten worse even I can barely go the pain is so bad. I figured I contracted an STD but can symptoms come this quick?! Real worried..

Any help is appreciated…


erza - September 28

Could be a UTI (urinary tract infection)


BethanySublime - September 29

I'd get it checked out, especially if it continues for a couple of days more.


Luffy - September 29

Antibiotics like cephalexin can usually nip it, but talk to a health care practitioner to make sure there isn't anything else like an STD going on.


remo - September 29

probably a bladder infection, those things KILL when you pee


bharke - September 30

I am going to check into a physician soon, where do UTIs or bladder infections come from? NOTHING like this has ever happened to me!


bigmistake101 - September 30

if you dont mind me asking,what kind of symptoms did you experience?


bharke - September 30

the burning sensation when I piss started just one plain morning


erza - October 1

It's just some bacteria that gets into your urethra during sex. Unfamiliar bacteria (to your body) from the other person, that's all.


Britannia - October 1

You said you had unprotected sex, so this is one very likely scenario.


Luffy - October 2

Just go to the family doc or whoever you use for your health care, tell them what you told us, and I'm sure if they think it's an STD, they'll want to test you.


Grey - October 2

Good luck, and report back and let us know what it was.


bandELLA - October 2

Just wanted to add that UTIs are a somewhat common occurrence for me. (I'm female, BTW.) With every new sexual partner I have, I end up with a UTI from cunnilingus being performed on me. It's just bacteria from my partner's mouth getting into the urinary tract. Always causes burning on urination, and it's taken care of with cephalexin and Pyridium. (Pyridium is a urinary tract analgesic which just helps alleviate the pain - it doesn't do anything for the underlying bacterial infection. For that, you need an antibiotic.)


Luffy - October 15

dang that's a bother :)


bandELLA - October 15

What's interesting is that once the bacterial infection clears up for me, my system then seems to "adapt" to my partner's oral flora, and I have no further problems with cunnilingus.


erza - October 15

So they'll have you pee in a cup and check your urine. UTIs are probably pretty commonplace for many people with new sexual partners.


bharke - October 15

Thanks so much for the info. An STD check would be a good idea too Im sure. How long do results typically take?



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