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gen. warts & hair removal methods
7 Replies
juicyfruit - September 29

i was recently diagnosed with genital warts, but mine are all in my pubic area instead of my vagina (thank god!!). Since they've popped up, I've only tried shaving once, and ended up cutting every single wart. So shaving is out of the question. But personally, I can't stand not being hairless down there (of course then I don't have to look at the warts).

Does anyone know if Nair or something similar is safe to use with GW? And, the thought of waxing sounds brutal on my warts, but I suppose I might as well ask if anyone has ever tried. (HOME waxing - definitely don't feel like exposing them to a professional)


smartie - September 29

I would not shave your pubic hair ( it will only spread the infection - I hope you threw out the razor you used!!! ).


ginger - September 29

I also would not apply any hair removal products either.


Grey - October 1

Just take scissors and cut the hair close to the skin for now until everything has been treated and your skin in that area is back to normal.


zaber - October 1

aww :( but I sort of knew that was coming. So if the razor can spread the infection.....does that mean say, my hand can? because I have been washing my outer skin/pubic area with one hand and all the mucousy vaginal skin with a different hand for that same reason, and after a while of doing this I was wondering if it makes any difference at all. Your response leads me to believe that my theory is at least correct, but do you think it's useless and that it can spread to that area just by my underwear & everyday living anyway?


smartie - October 2

you are putting far too much thought into this! just wash like you usually would!

are you treating your hpv?


juicyfruit - October 2

yeah maybe. (although I do have health anxiety maybe that's why)

I haven't begun treating them yet (except drastically changing the way I eat), just because I'm trying to figure out the least expensive method (flat broke), provided it will at least work on the ones I have now.


smartie - October 2

Check PP's website to get the email addy for your closest clinic and just email them. They will remove them very low cost. Personally I'd rather just go have them removed and go back a few times if needed than to apply irritating cream for several months on end myself.



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