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Genital wartsss
3 Replies
Jenna123 - November 1

Someone with genital warts please comment below im so confused and just need some adviceee


alx923 - March 16

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pennytickler - July 20

Also many people have had and will have HPV wich is the virus that causes warts so please don't freak out. Although these groups mentioned above are a great idea, having something like HPV shouldn't make you feel like you have to ostracize yourself and only have relationships with other people who have the virus plus the body can get rid of HPV by itself when the immune system is healthy.

Best thing to do is to get ris of the warts you have and then look after the way you eat and the amount of exercise you do. Smoking and drinking don't help to get rid of the virus. Having the gential warts strain of HPV is also much better than having a cancer causing strain. HPV is the biggest cause of cervical cancer and rates of head and neck cancers caused by sexually transmitted HPV are rising! So listen, you should be fine. They might come back but once you look after yourself, it should go.

If you have some break outs here and there, you should consider warticon or aldara. You can get stuff like that online but make sure you aren't looking at dosgy websites. I get all my stuff online for flu/ sexual health online these days and I think the best review site is The Online Clinic Review site. They will be able to cater for all of the UK and most of Europe depending on the particular site you decide to use.

Good luck and remember, so many people have been or will be affected by this. I think it's about 80% of the population of the UK so it's very common. Young people are getting vaccinated and also there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that vaccination might work post exposure so have a chat with your doc. keep a suppy of cream around to get rid of the warts and keep yourself healhty.


abbyok - February 19

I agree with what you said about cutting down on caffeine and getting your body healthy. My friend struggled with symptoms of genital warts for years. She also smoked everyday (a packet a day) and drank coffee and redbull and never ate vegetables or greens. Since giving her diet and lifestyle an overhaul she has minimised the symptoms. She uses Warticon and like the post above buys them through loxdoc as she never wants to go to a pharmacy in case she runs into someone she knows. All the best, Ab



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