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hiv from precum
10 Replies
mazda23 - September 17

I engaged in a small amount of oral sex with a man. He did not *** in my mouth and I saw precum after I had finished and decided to stop because it was too risky (yes I was dumb enough to believe a condom was only needed if we were ejaculating). I am wondering if it is possible in a small amount of precum (which may not have been there) to contract HIV and if so what I should do?


009zh - September 17

hey, you should stop worrying about HIV, as this virus is almost impossible to be transmitted through oral sex.


Vance2335 - September 17

I agree, other STDs are possible, but still unlikely. Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis could be transmitted, but they are easily cured.


Gumdrop - September 17

If getting an STD test is the only way to make you sane again, the I strongly advise you to take it.


Leslie Know - September 18

All in all, the chance of you contracting HIV is zero. the chance of you contracting another type of STD is very low.


mazda23 - September 19

Hey thanks! I have sort of calmed down now. I'll still get a full test shortly, though you have definitely eased my mind.


2terrified - September 19

Once again you have given incorrect information about herpes. Mazda23, you can get herpes if there are no visible blisters. It has happened to me.


Lelouch - September 19

Genital to oral transmission is very unlikely. The only way to get it that way is for your partner to have HSV1 in the genitals and for the virus to be active at the time of oral sex.


smartie - September 19

I agree, it is still unlikely due to the fact that HSV1 in the genitals is significantly not as active.


revan_delacroix - September 20

Don't let the anxiety get to you. Your chances of infection from this encounter is extremely low.


Judy - September 23

If he is hiv positive then there is a small percentage of transfer but really small



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