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How can you tell if a women has STD?
9 Replies
Mr. White Asian - September 3

I am very scared of having sex because what happens if a woman has STD. Some of it are permanent disease u cant get rid of so what happens, what if she even keeps it a secret from u?!?! can u arrest her or what happens and how can u tell?


Gumdrop - September 4

One rule, NEVER have sex with a person you cannot trust. This is why it is good to build an emotionally intimate relationship with someone before having sex with them.


LiZardluv3r - September 4

The way to tell if a person as a STD is to go to the clinic, get tested and with for the results to come back. There is NO other way to truly tell if the person has an infection.


Onefish - September 4

Not all STDs are permanent. Some can be cured, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis. Others are permanent, such as HIV, herpes and HPV.


Lelouch - September 4

If you choose to have sex with a woman, you accept the risks involved. If you contract a STD, you cannot have the woman arrested (in most countries anyway -- there are some places where premarital sex is ILLEGAL, in which case you'd be arrested, too). It becomes YOUR responsibility to protect yourself by wearing a condom.


Mr. White Asian - September 4

oh yeah, and what about whores and prostitues? dont they all have STD? so all guys who had sex with them would also get STD?


Lola - September 4

don't buy prostitutes! Ever! Not only is it a health risk, but it's exploitative.


Jessie - September 5

You can avoid catching a STD. Always wear a condom unless you are trying to make a baby. Get tested for STDs with your partner twice a year. And limit the number of people you have sex with. The fewer people you sleep with in your lifetime, the less likely you will have STD.


revan_delacroix - September 22

my professor told me that professional prostitutes who do not drink alcoholic beverages are usually on medication. so they are most likely suffering from std


joysachet - October 2

that's a good way to know. lol



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