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hw lng cn gonorrhea lasts?
25 Replies
Iamsoscared - September 5

I was just informed from a guy I had sex with one month ago that he was tested positive for gonorrhea, but my boyfriend before him got tested and he does not have it. My current boyfriend advised me that he only started having the symptoms 3 weeks after having sex with me. How did this happen??


Vance2335 - September 5

Just wait for your test results and if you test positive then you get treatment. Gonorrhea is very curable and is a STD that a lot of people get.


Oblivion - September 5

Your current bf if he got gonorrhea and started showing symptoms after sex with you then he got it from you. If Gonorrhea is to show symptoms it starts 2-30 days after exposure, if he had it before you then he would have had symptoms before you.


Lelouch - September 5

I ask you please not to be too upset, gonorrhea is common. This is just a lesson for you to use condoms
But if you test negative then that means this guy who is showing symptoms got it from someone else.


Iamsoscared - September 5

Could it be possible that my current boyfriend had the disease before and the symptoms started to show after he had sex with me...


Oblivion - September 5

Your last boyfriend could have taken something to cure the gonorrhea and that is why he tested negative, or your current boyfriend could have given it to you. You do not know how he got it and you don't know if you got it.


Iamsoscared - September 5

The guy that gave me this devastating news told three of his friends about the incident and he is now getting treated, he still wants to be in a relationship with me, but i really hate him because he made his friends think that i was the one he got the disease from when I think it is vice versa. What do you suggest I do????


sweetie - September 9

You are being WAY too hard on yourself, and too easy on the guy who's sharing your sex life with others.


Luffy - September 9

If he's had multiple, unprotected partners in a short period of time, and you test positive for it, there isn't going to be any realistic way of figuring out who had it first.


fairytail - September 9

BOTH of you went into this not talking about stds, and not using condoms. That means that even if you had it first, he just got luckier for not having anything before.


Gaga - September 10

You are not a bad person, there isn't anything to be embarrassed about - STDs are EXTREMELY common, and its estimated that at least 50% of people will have on in their lifetimes. Half the people in the US can't be dirty and low and whatever other names you are throwing at yourself, right? They just got an infection. Would you be freaking out like this if you gave him strep throat or mono?


Cathie - September 10

Hang in there, ok? I agree totally with everyone's suggestion that you talk to someone about this. Your on a self-destructive path and are very very hard on yourself.


Iamsoscared - September 10

I just want to thank you guys for replying to my post. I really apprecaite it. I guess this is just a mistake for me to learn from...

Thank you so much...


Iamsoscared - September 14

OK i just got my results today and they were NEGATIVE!!! I was checked for all STD and they came back negative could it be a mistake because my boyfriend says he did not have sex with anyone after me and that the last time he had sex was three months before me. So I am thinking that maybe I should change doctors or maybe I should wait a few week and test again to see if i get the same results.... I am glad for the support


jaygarza - September 16

thats good that u came out still waiting for my results till tomorow cuz i dont think i have gotten an STD ive just had a urinary tract infection but i dont kno i still need to get the results


Vance2335 - September 17

You are probably negative. You can test again but I don't think that the result is going to change.


Cathie - September 17

False positives/negatives do happen but it is very rare and normally only happens when you are on antibiotics or you did something to mess up the test. As long as you either used the first urine of the day or did not urinated at least 1 hr before the test then you are in the clear.



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