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I have a swollen throat from oral sex
22 Replies
kimmieboogers - September 6

About a week ago, I had given oral and the next day I had a little knot appear. Even now, it is still there but it really does not hurt and it is not as big. I just feel as if I got a cold and sometimes I feel as if I could not swallow. I read on a certain site that it says it is a symptom of HIV. I have no other symptoms beside it. Could your throat swell by having too much oral sex? I have an appointment to get tested but my doctor does not have another opening until two more weeks.


Oblivion - September 7

Its not a symptom of HIV, and I hate that sites say that. First HIV or STD symptoms wouldn't appear nearly that fast. You might have a cold or flu virus. See your doctor if its concerning you.


kimmieboogers - September 9

this is for one of my girlfriends! she wants 2 kno, and so would I she thinks she has herpes! when she was pregnaut first she had jus one mole/wart in the crease of her leg and vagina! so she got tested throughout her preg. but they said she was negative for everything! then for about 1 yr1/2 that one just stayed there so she thought it was a mole. then when she got with this guy that she has been with for the past seven months! after 3months more started 2 appear! they do not hurt her, leave they dont do anything just more starts 2 appear! than just a few weeks ago he told her he had gonherrea! so if she does have herpes and gonherrea can that turn into AIDS? I have finally convinced her 2 go to the doctor! mentally she just cant deal with it!


Lelouch - September 9

why wouldnt a swollen throat be a symptom of HIV? and if it was how long would it take 2 appear?


fairytail - September 9

OK for the herpes question - herpes sores don't hang around like that. They last a couple of weeks, give or take, and then leave. They recur, but they don't linger. She really should get this checked out though.


Vance2335 - September 10

Sounds like you've picked up a viral upper respiratory infection. No reason to assume you have a std though obviously you are covering your bases.


Luffy - September 10

I dunno Vance, I can't rule it as a respiratory infection. There are really no set symptoms for early HIV - some people get some, others don't. If they appear, it takes at least a couple of weeks. No std, including HIV, would show the next day. That;s why I said it sounds like you have a cold or something. Get it checked if it lingers.


Gaga - September 10

just have to add - make sure you all are using condoms. I used to live in Ky, and I know how it seems nothing ever happens there, but it does.


kimmieboogers - September 10

so if yo have more than one STD, can they turn into HIV ? that might sound sttupid?


Oblivion - September 10

No, you can only get an STD if that person has the STD. STD's do not turn into something else. no STD would show up that soon, so please do not think you have an STD from a symptom.


Dallasfan - September 11

Each std is a different bacteria or virus. Nothing turns into HIV. You'd have to be exposed to HIV to get it. Think of it as strep throat turning into herpes. It can't happen - 2 different germs, 2 different infections.


kimmieboogers - September 11

so if you have gonherrea and you let someone perform oral sex on you, then they give someone else oral sex then that person gets it! how is that possible! does it stay in ur throat? do any other STD's cause ur throat 2 swell? how would you be able 2 tell if u had an STD in ur anal area? these are jus random qustions! can u get an STD in u rectum even if you've never had ananl sex? so herpes goes away then returns? but never just stays there forever? one again thank u!


Vance2335 - September 11

If a guy has gonorrhea and gets unprotected oral sex then it is possible for that person to get gonorrhea. Oral sex is a low risk activity, but you can get and give STD's from oral sex.


Lelouch - September 11

Most oral STD's do not show symptoms, so even if you did have something chances are you would not see any signs of it.


Leslie Know - September 11

If you never had anal sex then you can not have an anal STD. Herpes has outbreaks, so yes you would get the symptoms of herpes and they would go away in time but then come back and it would go in cycles like that. Once as you have herpes you have it for life.


kimmieboogers - September 11

i dont understand if you are a woman and you have any std's would nt they still be able 2 spread 2 ur anal even if you have never had anal sex! cause my mother always told me when u wipe yourself you go front 2 back? so if you have herpes and you came in contact with HIV its a sure thing? how is that so? why does herpes make it easy 2 get HIV? it also did not sayin anything about your throat swelling thank you lol!!!


ally - September 11

It's never a sure thing to get an STD. If you have 1 STD it is more likely to get another STD if that person is infected with the STD.



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