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is 1 or 2 weeks tested for HIV too soon?
12 Replies
Faithin79 - October 1

I tested for HIV and all other stds about one or two weeks after an unprotected sex with my new boyfriend, now that I have itchy spot on my neck really make me worry. I read some stuff online. I was googling for signs and symptom for itchy skin and it says might be sign of HIV but I tested negative, should I retest? I'm scared now.
how long does it take to show in blood?


Slinkee - October 1

STD's symptoms usually show up in about 3 to 14 day but the window period for HIV is 3 month's but 6 weeks is usually efficient.


bleed - October 1

I would retest for HIV in about 2 to 4 more weeks.


infert - October 1

I'm in the same boat as you (two weeks since exposure), I'm really nervous and I'm getting tested for STD's tomorrow and goona try to test for HIV


Faithin79 - October 2

now I'm really scared to retest.
I was depressed about my positive result to HSV1 and HSV2
I was negative for HIV but now that I have itchy skin on my neck starting to scare me.


Slinkee89 - October 2

You should definitely retest, always a chance that its a false positive, I'm in NH


Faithin79 - October 2

Yeah, I will in a few weeks so everything will be more clear.


Slinkee - October 2

let's all hope that it is a false negative


Faithin79 - October 15

I hate this, my life had become very annoying, worried too much can kill a person too. I was ok, just waiting a few more weeks and get WB tested but now I might have to get HIV retested too, the HIV is now my biggest worried for me, it's gonna be trauma to me.


Slinkee - October 15

ur not the first and you would not be the last. it is never too late as long as we are still alive


Faithin79 - October 15

I wish I knew better about STDs, always think that condoms are the protection from STDs and mainly I worried about HIV and AIDS and not really realizing that other STDs are easier to contract. NEVER knew.


Slinkee - October 15

I agree I think many people think they know about stds but truthfully they have no idea!


vinodpatil - October 18

one thing is not clear what is the risk level. I mean to what extend you have faith in your new boyfriend..? prbly I should have not asked this but still this will make you to think in right way.



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