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Is HSV linked to nerve pain
4 Replies
miss_em - September 8

Hi. I just had my first outbreak and am very concerned about this nerve pain that I'm having. It started about 5 days after I noticed the first lesion. I began having stabbing pains in both feet that were so crippling, I needed help walking. My feet were also extremely tender to touch. Very sensitive to cold also. This went on for about 2 days and seemed to get worse at night. The next days, they would be so sore that it felt like I had been hiking in stillettos.

A few days later, the pain and tenderness left my feet and moved into the entire area of my groin, including my thighs, belly, and buttocks. 2 days after that (presently-TODAY) the tenderness is in my breasts and both arms, but mostly my right arm.

What is going on?


primecast - September 8

You need to follow up on this with your provider today. This is not normal and it's not related to herpes. Go and be seen and get looked at.


Dallasfan - September 9

I agree. Go see your Doctor ASAP. Herpes would not cause the much generlized pain.


bjgabby - September 9

I don't agree with everyone else who says that herpes can't cause that type of pain, because I also have all over body pain that gets much worse when I have herpes outbreaks. I hurt ALL OVER, have tingling, numbness, tremors, shooting/burning pains, headaches, weakness, and fatigue every time I get an outbreak. I had a nerve test done earlier this week, but I won't get the results until Friday. I have been like this since just a few months after my diagnosis with HSV. I was later diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but I really think that it is just due to herpes. It has been devastating on my life, and doctors don't really believe me about the pain, so I am rarely given pain meds. I just don't know what to do except to just live with it.


ally - September 11

I have the same sorts of pains too! It's the lymph nodes where you are getting the pains. I thought I was the only one! I think that herpes is miss understood. My first 'outbreak' was horrific. It was like a really bad flu for a week, then swelling 'down there' another week, and then sores too. I could hardly walk and was in so much pain - everywhere, especially down the back of my legs. It was like I had run a marathon. I came back positive with HSV1 after being misdiagnosed with everyother thing. I had only had one at the time sexual partner and got it through oral sex. It is so so so unfair!!! It has been devastating to live with. Everytime I have an outbreak, it get flu-like syptoms (symptoms) like sorenesss in my under arms and lymph-nodes, pain and tenderness in my lower back, but i don't really get sores very often. It interferes with my life so bad. I hate the thought of having sex (even with my wonderful boyfriend) because I think i'll get an outbreak due the 'stress' of it. If I do a heavy exercise session, I get sick. If I'm stressed at work or upset - i get sick. Ah, I take suppressive thearpy and it doesn't seem to work. I'm not giving up coffee or wine becasue you got to live somehow... I'm a happy go lucky person otherwise. It just *****. I know how you feel. Just try to look after your immuse system.



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