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Is this normal?
16 Replies
alittlejaded - October 1

So I was diagnosed with herpes. I have to go back and have the blood test done to determine whether it's type I or II.

But the doc put me on Valtrex and my outbreak is clearing up. Is it normal to be seriously itchy in the area? It almost feels like I have a yeast infection on top of the outbreak.


jp813 - October 1

Sorry! :( kinda sucks, but don't worry you have a large support network right here.


Luffy - October 1

Yes, I think itchiness is quite normal. Hope you feel relief soon.


alittlejaded - October 1

You're right it sucks. Especially since my husband has it. We thought it was just the sand irritation or my IUD so when he came home from being gone for a month, yeah... But I think it's easier because we ARE married and don't have to worry about the dating scene anymore. And we've come to accept it. Can't change it, so you have to accept it.


ginger - October 2

you could live a good life even with it


alittlejaded - October 2

It's just nerve racking b/c we have two small children and they are strictly forbidden from our bathroom now. I'm paranoid about them getting into our garbage or something like that.


smartie - October 15

i feel u girl. a professional's advice would be helpful


aittlejaded - October 15

I think I want a transplant down there... at least until the itchiness goes away! LOL


ginger - October 15

Don't forbid them from your bathroom. Hey, it is not contagious from toilets or towels, even though you should be cautious just to be on the safe side.


last - October 15

Don't freak them out. I am scared of my husbands cold sores (hsv 1) and I tell them to be careful but I try not to freak them out or see me freaking out.


Estrellab - October 15

Just realize it is skin to skin. Do be careful and cautious but not to the extreme you are taking it. I am talking to myself here too, trust me.


jp813 - October 16

I agree, you just have to learn to deal and move on. I totally want a transplant too!! I'm so sick of "down yonder"! I really need to go back to the doctor, but honestly I feel like they're going to think I'm nuts. I've been doing so much research and deciding before I go what things I want done or checked out...sometimes you feel so rushed, don't you? My cuts have been coming and going for almost 2 months.


alittlejaded - October 16

I wonder if we possibly had herpes, but never had an outbreak and the introduction of the IUD brought it out? Things that make you go hmmm.


jp813 - October 18

I really want some answers!! I'm thinkin' I either have another Group B strep problem or possibly a yeast infection on the outside (in the folds...if that's possible) and perhaps that's why I'm still itchy and my skin is splitting. It seems as though there are parts of the day that are worse than others and the symptoms come and go.


alittlejaded - October 18

Our oldest is 20 months, so we're trying to teach her that mommy and daddy's bathroom is off limits anyhow. That's where we keep our, ahem, personal things, not to mention she can open the drawers now and came walking out with a razor in her mouth the other day (the cover was on it, but still).


jp813 - October 18

So, everytime I think, "o.k., I should call the Doc" things get a little better. So frustrating. I think I'm going to ask for a Herpes Inhibition Test just to be sure before I start any suppressive treatment. (see, then I think they're going to think I'm in denial about the herpes!!) Interesting that all of us have or had an IUD...hmmm.


alittlejaded - October 18

Oh, and my husband is in the middle of his outbreak, sorry if it's a little tmi, but we were at the beach today and I thought he was crzy, but he went in the water. He said that the salt water burned really bad at first, but after a few minutes, it didn't. When we got home and he showered, his sores were starting to heal. So if anyone is brave enough to try a Sitz bath or something, it might help. Personally, I'm NOT that brave!



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