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Itching vagina lips
7 Replies
fresh15 - September 12

i'm 15 years old, iam not and never have been sexually active in any way, nobody has ever touched me down there. but i have this annoying itching reddness on my outer vaginal lips. it itches mostly when i'm walking and running, and looks almost like a rash but it's not raised, then today one really soar spot on it began bleeding. please help, i'm scared. i think it might just be my underwear rubbing it but it could be more


Oblivion - September 13

Anyone can develop a yeast infection. Have you been on antibiotics lately? That can throw off the natural flora in your body and yeast will flourish.


ireneo - September 14

consider whether there's been a change in your soap or laundry detergent. It might be an allergic reaction to something new.


Luffy - October 18

Douching is completely unnecessary as your Vagina cleans itself out regularly and Douching, feminine soap, or deodorant for the vagina only disturb the balance of natural bacteria in your vagina.


fresh15 - October 18

I treated it as if it were a yeast infection adding cream and douching. It would clear up then after periods it would re appear.


reader45 - November 6

If you are not positive you have a yeast infection, it is not recommended that you treat it over the counter with something with monistat, because that may not make the symptoms go away if you do not have a yeast infection. Typically with a yeast infection you will see some discharge that looks white and clumpy, like cottage cheese.


chalqua - November 6

There are several other causes for vaginal itch, including bacterial vaginosis and Trichomoniasis, which is a sexually transmitted disease.


sharonbaker - March 15

sexually transmitted diseases normally introduce on the human body or the moisture part of the skin such as mouth and vagina. It is occur when new diseases introduce into the vagina.



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