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Just diagnosed with genital HSV 1.. help!!
15 Replies
g10 - October 1

Im a female.. I had intercourse once last August.. And after that, i started developing bumps, and a dry, burning sensation down there. It came and went and i saw in total about 5 doctors various times.. All, assured me it was nothing more than stress or folliculitis!... Then i decided to go once again, they cultured it and .. last week i was given the awful news that i have genital HSV 1.


sebeca2007 - October 1

Take a deep breath. I am going through the exact same thing and one thing I can tell you is most doctor's are not educated on HSV 1 and STDS or have the resources for counseling.


g10 - October 1

The nurse was floored, since i had seen so many doctors and that none thought it would be herpes. Also, since i have never even had a cold sore, she was surprised that my simptoms were the way they were, and not with a fever and the other typical symptoms.


sebeca2007 - October 1

I know what you mean I acquired mine from oral sex with a partner who had no visible sores and no idea he had oral HSV 1. It's not the end of the world.


Luffy - October 1

If you had a culture and it was positive, you don't need a blood test to confirm.


sebeca2007 - October 1

Hang in there and keep your chin up. It does get better.


unitedcooking - October 1

I agree with SeBeca... it will get better and chances are you will never have an issue after this time. I had the exact same thing happen years ago and once the initial episode was over, it never came back and I never had another problem.


Natsu - October 2

It sucks, but certaininly not the end of the world or your sexual life by a long shot. Keep your chin up!


Dallasfan - October 2

At this point it's hard to tell if you are one of the few who have frequent hsv1 genital recurrences or if it just so happened that you have hsv1 genitally and you were actively shedding the virus on the day you were tested.


bluechick - October 15

Have they also tested you for yeast infections and bacterial infections at all these appointments? What about other std's? or were they doing the ole look and see and declaring it's nothing routine?


sebeca2007 - October 15

Hsv1 is considered the "milder" form of genital herpes. Not milder as in less painful but milder as in less recurrences. In about 50% of folks who have it - they never have another recognizeable recurrence of the virus. In those who do - the average is 1 additional recurrence the first year and then 1 ob every other year.


Oblivion - October 18

Only a small percentage of folks have ob's more often thankfully. Hsv1 genitally sheds less often than hsv2 does so usually just avoiding sex during obvious symptoms is all you need to protect a partner. Make sure your partner gets tested for hsv to know their own status though too.


ginger - October 18

You can still contract hsv2 which would most likely result in more frequent recurrences. If your partner has hsv1 also - then just avoiding sex is all you need to do.


ignoranceiskind - October 18

Definitely treat this with a round of antivirals just to see if it makes you feel better. You can take a wait and see approach to deciding if you think suppressive therapy is warranted or not.


estel - October 18

Hey, I am right there with you. Just got dx with hsv 2 and I too when through yrs of oh, you are fine, fragile skin, tears? No biggie, not herpes. One day I got tired of tears, itching, redness and irritations that came and went so after an exam, which, of course the Nurse Practitioner said, you are fine, is not herpes, just skin cuts. I said "Give me the blood test. I can't take it anymore." It came back hsv 2 pos on the herpes select. Trust me, I am right there with you. Let's all help and support eachother, eh??


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