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Lump inside vagina?
2 Replies
ietyn44 - June 6

Two weeks ago, I thought I had a urine infection maybe cystitis as I kept needing to urinate however it didn’t burn or hurt when urinating, the only sort of pain I felt was uncomfort so I went to see my GP who gave me anti-biotics. Two days later I revisited my GP explaining that I didn't think I had a urine infection but thrush, however I had no itching just a white discharge. I then got some cream to see if that was the problem and the discomfort continued. The following day I noticed a lump inside the entrance to my vagina so I saw a nurse who took a swab, I haven’t heard anything since, which must of have mean nothing had been found from the swap. I have recently been tested at a GUM clinic for STIs including; Herpes, Gonorrhoea, HIV and Syphilis. And all came back negative. Last week I was tested for Chlamydia and had a negative result. However now my only concern is the discomfort in my vagina and the lump. I haven’t had sex properly since I thought I had the urine infection to give things a chance to settle down, me and my partner went to have sex and as he inserted his penis I experienced a burning pain, this has never happened before?


MustBeMummy - July 11

Is it right inside? It could be a hair folicle. I have had them and they can ve really sore. The hair folicle gets inflamed if you shave or wax etc. Like a spot or lump


Lorelai - December 18

What I understand: is that you went to the GP and told him you have urinal infection, so he gave you antibiotics. And next day you went back being sure is not urinal infection.
Firs of all, the GP should be the one who is telling you what you have after a proper examination and not giving you all sorts of medication if not knowing your problem.
Second, even though you had all your STIs, you should still go and have another check. But not to the GP! I would recommend going to a gynecologist. They should know better, as it's their department :)

I visit Walk-In Clinic in London for any of my health issues and I have been so pleased with them. I had similar problems with my previous GP, not knowing exactly what is wrong with me and giving me medication for things I didn't even know existed.



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