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Medicine taken
10 Replies
wars - September 8

I have taken Azithromycin by 1gm. Supposedly this is the one dose cure. What is the time of expected cure rate? Drinking the medicine in the morning, should this be cured right away and all the substance coming out will go away?


primecast - September 8

You should have significant if not complete relief of symptoms within 7 days. For some people it takes a bit longer. Just depends on the person. It is probably possible the infection clears up right away, but, usually it takes several days.


Lola - September 9

To ensure you are not reinfected and/or infect others, it is best that you don't have any type of sexual relations during this time. And most definitely not without a condom. Especially if you are not sure your partner(s) have not been treated.


wars - September 10

you mean to say that, It is normal still after drinking the 1gm of azithromycin that there are still substance coming out? So i should drink more med? I am a bit paranoid already since i thought that upon drinking within a day it should have cleared out. And for my partner, then I should tell her to drink the same? whether she has the symtoms or not?


Lelouch - September 11

We do not recommend self medicating. What your partner needs to do is to get tested. Then after a couple of weeks you need to get tested. Since you have taken medication it might have cured something or it might have no effect on what you have.


Vance2335 - September 11

I just assumed what you were medicated for. Did you go to the doctor and get tested? Or did you self medicate? If you were treated by a doctor for chlamydia, then you did get the proper medication dosage. But just because you take any medication for any reason, that doesn't mean your symptoms go away instantly. The medication is still working. It just takes time. You have to be patient. Believe me I know how annoying it is. But all you can do is give it time and then retest 30 days after you took the medication. If you self-medicated, you really should go to a doctor to make sure you don't have anything else. Your girlfriend should go to her own doctor to make sure she didn't get what ever it is you have. It ***** but this is the best route to make sure things get taken care of properly. Good luck to you


wars - September 11

Thanks so much. Unfortunately, I was too stupid enough to self medicate. This is not the first time that i had the same discharge. but then again it has been years since I had it. What Kind of doctor do I need to go to?


sweetie - September 11

Try to find a clinic near you that offers STD screening. They are confidential and FREE! If there isn't one, then go to an Urgent care clinic or your primary care physician. They will test you but you will have to pay for their services as well as any medication they may prescribe. BUT they are much cheaper than an ER


Leslie Know - September 11

you really should get checked out. STD's can lead to major problems if not treated properly. Especially, for women because a lot of the time symptoms do not show. Please, do your best to get a professional diagnosis and treatment.


wars - September 11

Thanks so much for the advice. Highly appreciated.


Leslie Know - September 11

You are welcome and good luck to you.



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