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Nervous about a HSV positive roommate
18 Replies
ellabelle25 - October 1

Hello, I am writing because my roommate and friend has just been diagnosed with HSV 1 and 2. I think I said that right, but regardless she gets cold sores on her lips and she has genital herpes as well. Anyway, I love her to heath, but I am so scared of contracting the disease. I heard that herpes is a tricky disease and you can catch it from towels and such. Our razors are near each other in the shower


bluechick - October 1

Relax, ur just being paranoid


ellabelle25 - October 1

...I know I'm probably being paranoid, but I can't help but be scared that I may slip up on day and drink after her. She gets horrible outbreaks where she cannot walk or shave and she even has taken off from work, so I know that she has a bad case of it. My question is, is it true what they say that Herpes is easy to contract?


bluechick - October 1

Your roommate should really talk to her doctor about suppressive therapy. There's no reason she should suffer this way.


dogthang - October 1

Herpes is a STD, which means you have to actually have sex in order to get it.


erza - October 2

So you aren't going to get herpes from her, unless you're having sex with her.


ginger - October 2

As for close contact, the virus isn't going to leap off her razor and onto yours, or jump off her glasses or dishes or anything else and infect you. You aren't going to get it from her towel or the toilet seat.


cab713 - October 2

I think you and your roommate both would benefit from learning accurate information about herpes.


Dallasfan - October 2

I would add that you should not SHARE razors, toothbrushes, or drinks.


wounded - October 2

Chances are probably very low for transmission, but if you're really concerned then it's probably not worth the risk.


timbaLAND - October 15

There's probably theoretical evidence you could contract HSV from sharing a towel, toilet seat, etc., but it is EXTREMELY unlikely.


monkeyflower - October 15

I agree with everyone here that your roommate should take affirmative steps to limit her outbreaks via suppressive/episodic therapy.


cab713 - October 15

Moreover, you probably need only take common sense steps (as I would with any other person, illness or not) to avoid using their personal items (such as razors or toothbrushes...and while they are unlikely to transmit the Herpes virus, my roomates have never offered me their towel right after they used it or their underwear so those should be non-issues).


Oblivion - October 15

As always, talk to your doctor regarding your concerns.


karen - October 15

As an otherwise healthy adult you aren't very likely to contract oral herpes from sharing food and drinks. It's only an issue with infants.


Dallasfan - October 18

Towels, washclothes, razors and toothbrushes should never be shared for reasons far beyond herpes transmission - other more common germs are very easily transmitted thru sharing them so as a general rule you should always have your own - not just because of herpes. If you two use the same brand of razor - make sure one buys a pink one and one a blue one or something similar.


bluechick - October 18

The virus is easily killed with soap and water so there's little risk when it comes to herpes.



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