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Not telling partners abt herpes
48 Replies
worried - October 31

I've tried it both ways and even though it's hard to talk about it before I"m intimate with someone - it's far, far, FAR easier than having to either lie out your *** that you didn't know you had it after you've transmitted it to a partner or have to look them in the eye and tell them yes you knew you had it but didn't tell them about it. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life!!! It's a lesson I"ve never repeated.


Tess - November 5

Sometimes you will get turned down after talking about it with a potential partner. Just went thru that myself this month for the 2nd time in 21 years but that's the way things go. It's still easier than trying to deal with it all afterwards with a partner.


ataglance - November 5

She got herpes from some guy she slept with in college - 30 yrs ago. He was the 2nd guy she ever slept with. He knew he had herpes but didn't tell her. She told me that if she had told the guys she is sleeping with now, she knew they wouldn't have sex with her. Still, I think she could have made them wear a condom but she didn't.


revan_delacroix - November 5

She got a point when she told you that those guys wouldn't probably have sex with her if they knew she had herpes but oh well, cost over profit...


ataglance - November 5

I thought she was more responsible than this and this is has really changed the way I see her now. I don't want to spoil a friendship over this if what she is saying is true abt not being able to transmit it if there's no outbreak.


revan_delacroix - November 5

unless you are sleeping with her then you have no business on how she deals with her situation


ataglance - November 6

Thanks for the great information. I will certainly have a talk with her now based on this information. At least I feel like I've been educated and can tell her abt that website. I don't know what type she has - 1 or 2. She says never gets cold sores on her mouth but I guess that doesn't mean that she doesn't have HSV1 genitally.


Tess - November 7

I think it's really hard for her b/c she might be getting a little desperate for companionship. Even more if she is attractive and gets a lot of attention from guys - or from even much younger men.


ataglance - November 7

Thanks for this great information.

For whatever it's worth, if a guy doesn't want to pursue a relationship b/c of herpes, he's not worth it anyway. It's such a small thing in the big scheme of a relationship. At least you were honest abt it. If he meets my friend, she wouldn't be so honest abt it and he would never even know it. You should feel good abt yourself for being truthful.


Luffy - November 7

Moral issue! I would make this a legal issue.... if at all possible!


FELIPZ - November 10

for this particular woman, if she got it 30 yrs ago while in college.... that places her at about 50 yrs old right now.... and she is still bedding bucks?! Sorry but that just churns my stomach. "I think I just swollowed vommit"


ataglance - November 10

She is 49. She is bedding young guys in their 30's or early 40's because she attracts them. She is very pretty and has a really cute "fun" personality. I even like her because she is fun to be around. She is very tiny with a cute figure.


ginger - November 10

a cougar, is see. i guess these guys will get more than what they ordered


ataglance - November 10

One guy was 30 yrs old and said he liked "older women" because "younger ones played head games". If he only knew that this older one was doing the same only in a different way.


2terrified - November 10

I guess she doesn't have a problem attracting men and it seems to me that these guys might be pretty slutty themselves.


ataglance - November 19

She met them on internet dating sites. She had sex with them pretty quickly, within a few weeks of meeting them. She is not setting out to just sleep with them, I think she would like a relationship and even marriage (never married).



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