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BryanLe1988 - October 1

if u have herpes, can u sttill have children without infected them?


Vance2335 - October 1



sosick - October 1

At least the meds are helping you. I rec'd my meds yesterday, so I'll start poppin those pills soon as well. Headed to the dr this am for confirmation. Cross your fingers for me!


Oblivion - October 1

If you are having an outbreak at the time of delivery, they will probably do a c-section.


Vance2335 - October 2

I've known lots of women with herpes and they have regular vaginal deliveries b/c they weren't having an out break at that time. HTH


BryanLe1988 - October 2

wat the different between herpes and syphilis
or it just one decease? im a lil confuse in that


jejeje - October 2

even when you suspect it's what you have it's still not easy to hear :( Hang in there- you are with the "in" crowd now honey!!


Vance2335 - October 15

herpes is a virus and syphillis is a bacterial infection. They have absolutely nothing in common except that they can cause genital lesions.


Oblivion - October 15

Left untreated - syphillis will cause you long lasting health problems and possibly lead to death.


Vance2335 - October 16

Untreated herpes - just makes you uncomfortable longer.


BryanLe1988 - October 16

thx u very much, one more question syphilis is worst than herpes right? so if u got herpes instead of syphilis u can relax a lil bit? or wat


fresh15 - October 18

heard herpes is sooo itchy


BryanLe1988 - October 18

like u said, herpes onli cuase u uncomfort later. one stupid questtion? if you dont wanna take herpes test and left it dangerous to ur life?
and will a blood test no that u have any STDs?


grace - October 18

syphillis is only worse if you don't treat it. It is completely cureable with antibiotics.


Vance2335 - October 18

For one thing I feel it's important to be sure that indeed what you have is herpes and not something else. I also strongly believe that knowing your type is important for future partners. You can chose never to treat it but confirming that what you have is herpes is important in my book.



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