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one time herpes exposure risk?
11 Replies
crazee1 - October 1

I had unprotected sex one time with a man who just found out he has herpes. It's been 11 days since our encounter and I haven't noticed any sores although I do have a small amount of discharge that just started yesterday - no pain, no other symptoms. I'm starting to freak out that I contracted herpes but how high is the risk from a one time exposure? How long should I wait before I get tested? Thanks.


ginger - October 1

A one time exposure has a VERY LOW risk. Especially since you do not have any symptoms.


bluechick - October 1

I would test at 12 weeks if you are worried but I would tend to go with no symptoms, no infection.


Britannia - October 1

It is not that easy to get herpes. The stats show that only 5% per year of discordant couples actually transmit herpes.


Lelouch - October 1

With that said, you have a 95% chance of not getting over the course of ONE YEAR. So one time exposure would be EXTREMELY LOW statistically.


seanirish - October 1

You might want to do a self-examination for anything suspicious (in terms of herpes).


bluechick - October 1

I swab could even be conducted at this juncture, but a quality blood test (HerpesSelect is quite accurate) is probably best--although, as has been said, there is a "window period" of several weeks for antibodies to form.


Lelouch - October 1

the discharge you described should probably be checked out by your physician.


Iamsoscared - October 1

If I were you I'd make an appointment and let your doctor know what occurred and what you are concerned about. He/she can take appropriate steps from there.


Lelouch - October 2

I agree remember, as always, your doctor has seen/heard it all before and is in the best position to provide an accurate diagnosis.


crazee1 - October 2

I made an appt. with my doctor next week. Yesterday I started having pain/discomfort that has me really concerned. I'm not sure if I'm just freaking out because of being exposed or if there's something going on. Thanks for the advice and I'll post once I see my doctor. This is so stressful!


revan_delacroix - October 2

try to calm down...let's hope that it would turn out negative



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