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sarah18572 - March 8

Last May I started getting recurrent thrush then in September I came down with the flu and a cold and noticed under the skin lumps either side of the opening of my vagina that were not really painful just uncomfortable, the next day I went to visit my GP. At first look my GP told me I had cysts (which I had looked up and looked a lot more like my symptoms than herpes) but then when she heard I had flu symptoms suggested it may be herpes but said it didnt look like it and was strange as the last time I had sex was a month before that but she referred me to a sexual health place anyways. A few days later at my appointment the lumps were almost gone after me using hot water and salt on them but they swabbed anyways and the test came back negative for herpes but the nurse gave me antiviral tablets to keep in case of another 'outbreak'. The thrush symptoms continued no matter what I tried, I had itching almost all the time but then I started getting painful down there on the left side in January like a stinging sensation almost as if the skin is cracked and an aching sensation just inside my inner labia after being touched but when i checked with a mirror I could not see anything. The pain has been almost every day since January except maybe one or two days that I didn't notice it as much. I have been to a different doctor and back to the sexual health place but neither of them could see anything but gave me a full screening even though I haven't had sex since last year. Everything came back negative though but I am not sure that they tested for herpes even though they knew about my previous 'outbreak'. I have been looking up so much since the first 'outbreak' and I am starting to wonder if the itching and stinging is all in my head as the doctors and I can't see anything. If anyone has any opinions on if this is herpes or something else please let me know.



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