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Oral sex and herpes
42 Replies
ireneo - November 9

Some other symptoms of herpes are flu-like symptoms, fatigue, fever or swollen glands. Both Herpes I and Herpes II can cause either genital and/or oral outbreaks and the virus remains in the body for the person's entire life.?


Oblivion - November 9

There is no cure for Herpes, but there are treatments that can shorten and prevent future outbreaks, and help to relieve the pain.


Luffy - November 10

After the initial outbreak, both Herpes I and II can go into a sleeping mode or dormant stage in the body. This is a time when the infected person may have absolutely no symptoms and no sores, but they still can transmit the virus to other people and have other outbreaks throughout their life.


Sandra - November 10

Herpes may begin with an initial tingling, burning, or numb sensation, followed by clusters of small, painful, fluid-filled blisters. HSV-1 blisters usually appear around the lips and surrounding skin.


Natsu - November 10

HSV-2 blisters appear on the genitals, around the
anus, and on the buttocks. Within a few days, HSV-1 and -2 blisters are covered with a thin, yellow crust as they begin to dry, and the pain subsides. The blisters are gone within one to two weeks.


DJBS - November 10

Herpes Zoster often begins with a general feeling of sickness, including chills, fever, headache, fatigue, nausea, and diarrhea. Symptoms usually occur on one side of the face, back, or upper abdomen, which are the areas most commonly affected by chickenpox.


Tess - November 11

I think the blisters follow a nerve path and usually appear in a line, most often on just one side of the back and spreading toward the abdomen. This area may be extremely sensitive to touch. After several days, the blisters begin to dry and scab.


Oblivion - November 11

Some people develop the rash on one side of the face, which can also cause eye inflammation. All symptoms of shingles are usually gone within three to five weeks.


lk0608 - November 11

However guys, some people may suffer nerve damage that causes pain to continue for months to years after the rash is gone. This condition is called post-herpetic neuralgia.


kt528ga - November 11

Do HSV-1 and 2 symptoms occur repeatedly?


Master42 - November 11

I don?t want to alarm you, but I do want to warn you - you can get anumber of STDs from oral sex, even one incident of oral sex. It just is not worth risking disease, especially a deadly disease (AIDS/HIV).


Oblivion - November 11

Some STDs have longer incubation periods than others. What this means is you should get tested now, and again in several months.


itsellie - November 11

I agree the testing facility will tell you when to return, based on their testing methodology and your case. For example, if you were infected with HIV, your test now will be negative, as it takes months for the antibodies to be produced.


Oblivion - November 19

However, a negative test now is a great baseline, and
can determine that you were HIV free now, in case your test is positive later. The same applies for herpes, although some facilities have rapid tests available.


kt528ga - November 19

How long after a possible exposure does it take for STDs to show up in a test?


Lelouch - November 19

The time it takes for STDs to show up in tests varies from 1 day to 3 months, depending on the particular STD.



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