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OTC treatment for HSV1 on genitals
12 Replies
Schatzie92675 - September 29

Is there an over - the - counter medication (maybe a cream similar to denavir)to treat HSV1 on the genitals?


ginger - September 29

You get much better results from oral antivirals taken as soon as the very first sign of a reccurence happens.


Natsu - September 29

There are many different topical symptom treatments out there though most haven't been proven to speed healing.


bluechick - September 29

Have you been diagnosed as having hsv1 genitally before ?


Schatzie92675 - October 1

I was diagnosed with HSV1 on my genitals when I was 5, I'm now 32 and though I have only had maybe 1 outbreak during the last 10 years, I like to just keep something on handHand or foot spasms
Hand tremor.


Natsu - October 1

have you taken oral antivirals?


Schatzie92675 - October 1

The cream along with the oral antiviral seemed to be the most effective when I had my last outbreak. My current doc will not prescribe any medication for me because she has not treated me for an outbreak - and since I am in a very stressful time right now, I thought it would not hurt to find out if there was something OTC I could use.


bluechick - October 2

Your current doctor is not practicing medicine properly! She does not have to see an active genital lesion and test it herself to prescribe medication for it. If you say you have a history of hsv1 genitally then she should be calling in medication for it when you need it - FIND A NEW DOCTOR!


Natsu - October 2

I know this is prying but - how did you contract hsv1 genitally as a child?


ginger - October 2

my (uneducated, non-medical) guess is that it's a urinary tract infection and some simple antibiotics will take care of it.


Schatzie92675 - October 2

sorry but ur wrng it's from years and years of abuse.


ginger - October 2

That's so awful :(


Natsu - October 15

How are you doing nowadays?



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