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Please someone help me :(
9 Replies
Nik[3 - September 28

I dont want to be judged.. i know i have screwed up but.. i know its possible to get chlamydia from oral... and i dont know if this person even has anything in the first place but it was a small possibility.. i gave him head..he didnt ***.. and if there was any precum i didnt swallow ANY and i spit out everything even my saliva all the time .. and im still EXTREMELY worried and i am scared to go to the dr. because i dont want to know..i would lose my long term boyfriend. i just want to know out of eveything i have said do you really think i would have..?i know there is always a possibility..


Lelouch - September 28

Unless you get any symptons ie sore throat etc i would forget about it.


Nik[3 - September 28

chlamydia is known to be the silent disease.. it causes no symptoms to most people..i dont understand how it would give me a sore throat..when i had it before i didnt have any symptoms at all


ginger - September 28

Your response is typically passive-aggressive. You say you want to know everything, then say you are too scared to go to the doctor. Somebody tells you Chlamydia is a silent disease; you respond with "yes, it's silent, why would I have a sore throat this time?"


Luffy - September 28

Chlamydia isn't transmitted orally. Gonnorrhea is though.


Natsu - September 28

Almost always oral symptoms are asymptomatic.


Grey - September 29

Chances are you have nothing to worry about b/c even if the guy did have gonnorrhea, it is hard to pass orally. Stay safe.


Nik[3 - October 1

sorry i didnt mean to sound aggressive, i have just been doing a lot of research and before when i had it (i know it sounds bad:() but i never had symptoms and it was a real shock to me..


revan_delacroix - October 2

if your long term bf really loves you then I bet he'd accept you for better or for worse


Nik[3 - October 2

i have made a dr. appt. i was just needing some opinions and insight from people on here.. thank you



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