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Popped HSV 2 pos second time with Herpes Select test
11 Replies
estel - October 1

All right you all. No more denial. Popped Pos for the second time on HSV 2 per Herpes Select Test. The NP didn't give me any numbers or anything, just told me HSV 1 neg and HSV 2 pos, once again. Hey, what can I say. I need you all now more than ever. The stupid part about it is I have probably had it 15 plus yrs. I did always kindof wonder if it was and if not, what the hell was causing the tears, redness, swelling, itching and irritation. Here for you guys, hope you will be here for me too!! Tough stuff, but hey, we can deal with this right?! Between having eachother and Acyclovir, we will survive, NO?!


Dallasfan - October 1

Sorry to hear that, girl! I was holding out hope for ya.


cameron34 - October 1

alright its been nearly three weeks now that i had unprotected sex...the day after i just didnt feel i have been nervous all day long everyday are my problems...the head of my penis...on the slightly red..through the day i have this on and off type pinching in the spot...last like two seconds then gone..comes back throughout the testicals at the very top do the same pinching do i have cause to worry or am i just to a recent break up..and just stressing out so bad that i have actually developed symptoms...all my std test came back negative and her doc said she had no signs of herpes internally or externally...what are the chances of her having it and spreading it to me without any blisters...i know its possible but how likely is it....she has had no symptoms what so ever of anything and is also ten weeks this all in my head or could it be a prostate problem or diabetes...i really need as much input as i can get


spideylover - October 2

..i seem to be in the same boat, was wondering if you have had previous cultures that came back negative. not blood tests, like cervical cultures like i had. just curious. seems we have a lot in common, and i'll be there for ya!


Airuffa - October 2

You know all the sexy people have herpes because everyone wants us so bad...he he he ( I'm so laughing right now because I'm sitting here in pj's with bedhead and morning breath knowing I"m not a darn bit sexy at the moment...he he he )


Dallasfan - October 15

Just don't think that everything that goes on down yonder is all herpes related.


Natsu - October 15

There are so many other things that can go on too. Take the herpes out of it with the acyclovir suppressively and if you still continue to have symptoms - keep going back to the gyn to find out what else is going on.


Homemade - October 16

It just sucks to be a gal sometimes.


estel - October 18

Wow, you guys are great, all of you. Thanks so much. Even a little teary over all of this wonderful support you all have given me. Here for you too as I have said and yes, to answer your questions. Had a couple cultures come back neg way back when.


Vance2335 - October 18

you are very much welcome dear


estel - October 18

I do think my symptoms are herpes related as nothing going on since I started the Acyclovir. I ran out and need to get more tomorrow. Don't want another darn cut. Feel so free at the moment without the annoying stuff. Lets hang together you all. You guys/gals, are the greatest!! Love


winterskii - October 18

Get a prescription written out for a 3 month supply at a time. That way you aren't running to the pharmacy each month and usually it's cheaper too ( for instance I pay 2 copays for 3 months so it saves me a copay ). If you get your doctor to write it as - acyclovir 400mg twice a day, dispense 180, take as directed then if you get ob's that you need to up your doses for you can get it refilled a few days sooner if needed.



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