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post colposcopy question
6 Replies
hdawg - November 3

i had a colposcopy just some time ago and i noticed yesterday i was a little itchy in my vaginal area (around the opening and internally)--and still today. i thought perhaps it was from the healing process (a biopsy was taken)and have not had any bleeding or charcoal colored discharge in 2 days . i don't think i would have gotten a yeast infection from the procedure--but i don't know it's kinda what it feels like--i don't have any other signs of a yeast infection though

is this normal?


ibizan - November 3

it seemed to be normal for me after ur doc if it eases ur mind!


UNfortunately - November 3

When I got mine done, I had the darkened discharge and little bleeding but no itching. I never had yeast infection. Sorry to say that I dont know what you should.


hdawg - November 4

well i called my doctor--i'm apparently having a reaction to the medication they use to stop the bleeding

they gave me some cream


ibizan - November 4

doc didn't give me anything after colp for bleeding which was minimal....the itching was as well!i did however get a yeast infection a month later now that i think of it and was given a few rounds of Diflucan.I do recall i was highly upset about the HPV dx and x's reaction when i told him which i know upset my internal balance horribly.glad u found some relief!happy healing!:)))))


Candi2959 - November 5

I have had the exact same thing since June. I had a colposcopy, but had a yeast infection during the prodcedure. I was treated with Diflucan numerous times and it hasn't helped me. I have been tested for every form of yeast infection, bacterial infection, and STDs and I don't have any of those. I was told it was an allergic reaction. I am stil having problems and have been to about three doctors and taken numerous medications and used creams. Have you found something to help you?


janira320 - November 7

i had a colposcopy and biopsy done on wed. the next day i had this bad smelling discharged. is that normal?



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