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11 Replies
johnjohnson14 - September 8

i wanted to know do herpes bumps always break then heal or do they just go away to. i have a single bump on my penis that looks like a hair bump. its kind of hard and hard to pop and been there a little over a weak and the same size and all . does this sound like herpes ? was my risk even high from the oral sex from a woman who im worried kissed some1 with oral herpes. ive been thinking im over reacting but now with this bump im not sure and just wanted a answer thank you


Lelouch - September 8

No, it doesn't sound like herpes at all, and it does sound a lot like an inflamed hair follicle.


johnjohnson14 - September 9

should i be concerned about herpes from a semi brief unprotected oral sex encounter..ive been trying 2 not really think about it until test and been doing a good job keeping my composure. i just been hesistant to ask any questions again seeing how many post you guys been responding to. i still havent had any visible symptoms.neither has she. thank you


Lelouch - September 10

No. I see no reason to be concerned at all.


Oblivion - September 11

Are you going to be able to handle being in a relationship with someone who has hsv1?


johnjohnson14 - September 11

yeah i think i can but its the fact i dont know that gets to me. she hasnt performed oral on anyone or sex but still isnt hsv1 always transmitted through kissing.


Oblivion - September 11

No, not always. It is contagious, but its not always transmitted. She isn't contagious all the time - maybe 20% of the time.


johnjohnson14 - September 11

thank you for all the help my last question is why you suggest i shouldnt worry was it because my risk over all was low risk. was it that her risk which was kissing was low risk . or just for the fact that hsv1 is so common that i shouldnt worry about it . seriously though thank you for all the answers. i will post again when i find out everything i need to know.


Leslie Know - September 11

I think all of those reasons work. :)


johnjohnson14 - September 11

i just dont know what to do now . shouldnt i be concerned if i have herpes now . although it wasnt high risk the risk was still there even b4 the oral sex with just kissing we kissed more then actual oral sex. do you think i do have herpes now ? thanks aj for the answers. i know it wouldnt be the end of the world but not knowing sometimes bothers me


Oblivion - September 11

I don't think, and haven't ever thought, that you have herpes now. I don't know if you will be able to handle a relationship with her though. I think you will always be wondering and worrying.


johnjohnson14 - September 11

im posting relating to a rash behind my ear. i am not sure if it is a rash exactly possibly is. it dosent itch really at all or have any type of pain . i wanted to know if it was std related. i dont think it was but i read herpes shingles cause outbreaks on different parts of the body but its very painfull and these tiny bumps behind my ear arent painfull at all..



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