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Question about red circle mark and pimples-high risk for HIV
13 Replies
zmythoughts - September 28

I had unprotected sex for 40 seconds and later on had pimples on my buttocks and a red circle on my outer thigh. The pimples didn't hurt and lasted for weeks. At the time I was using this lotion stuff.


Lelouch - September 28

sounds like ringworm


zmythoughts - September 28

Many have suggested that the red mark was ringworm- it's gone. And the mark and pimples haven't come back. This happened last year but I wanted to know others opinion on what they think this might be- do you guys think it might have been an std? Also do you think I was at high risk for HIV? Thanks!


ginger - September 28

It sounds more like a bacterial infection of some sort but since it's gone now there's not much you can do to figure it all out.


Luffy - September 28

If you've never been tested for std's - get tested for the whole shebang for peace of mind if nothing else.


Vance2335 - September 28

If you've been worrying about this for an entire year - at least do something so that you can stop worrying so much and move past this all.


Jody321 - September 29

Should your symptoms return - see your doctor for a further work up.


zmythoughts - September 29

I wasn't really worried about it until my fiance and I decided to go and get tests for HIV. I had heard that a rash was a symptom so I freaked. Do you think this is associated with HIV? I think it was a bacterial infection as well.


Jody321 - September 30

If you had hiv you'd have been having more symptoms than just a mild rash that went away over the past year.


Lelouch - September 30

Only ~1% of adults in the US have HIV so the chances of you having it are pretty small unless you have engaged in any of the high risk behaviors assocaited with it.


Oblivion - September 30

It's always good to get tested for it ( did you also get tested for all other std's too while you were at it? ) but the chances of you having it are small thankfully :)


zmythoughts - September 30

No, no drug using and not a lot of unprotected sex with people.


iwonder - October 1

isn't it itchy? you should have it checked


zmythoughts - October 1

Only worried about the one time of 40 seconds of unprotected sex. I'm getting my test result hopefully next week. I was thinking of getting all blood tests for STDS once I had enough money.



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